The State of Data Centres in India: Challenges and Opportunities

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The business of setting up large data centres, trudging along steadily over the years, has picked up the pace lately. Among the prominent list of data centres in India, major players like STT GDC India are moving ahead with aggressive expansion plans. The data centre provider recently inaugurated STT Bengaluru DC3 centre, adding 18MW of IT load to its total existing capacity and a floor area of 4 lakh sq. ft. Its modular design fulfils IGBC green building criteria appropriately. 

The Indian data centre industry is prepared to secure the top spot on the Asia Pacific Market leaderboard, indicating its growing expertise on the world stage. A perpetually fueled digital economy, shift towards remote service management, a spike in internet traffic, and a fast-growing startup ecosystem contributes to futuristic data centre services. Besides catering to such needs, the modular infrastructure provided by a list of data centres in India helps keep the country at the helm of digital transformation. Top Reasons Live Chat Is Imperative To Win The Customer Support

While many opportunities and challenges lie ahead for the data centre industry in India, rapidly expanding data volume and an increasing number of mission-critical applications are leading data center providers towards better managing complex infrastructure and service-level agreements (SLAs).


Sustainable Practices

Sustainability is fast becoming a critical focus area for all businesses, and data centres are also taking initiatives in this regard. Among the various business strategies regarding a list of data centres in India, green initiatives of the service provider play an important role. Stringent environmental regulation, the rising cost of energy, subsidization, and corporate social responsibility drive the sustainable data centre market. Opting for colocation service is a way to ensure sustainable data centre operations.

Maximizing Resource Use

A maximized use of resources can be achieved by deploying various technologies in a data centre to increase efficiency. From automation to storage management, implementing technological approaches can utilize existing resources to their fullest. For instance, the use of DCIM technology by a list of data centres in India helps utilize resources to their optimum capacity. It also reduces downtime, thus saving its costs. 

Disaster Recovery & Compliance

The list of data centres in India has varied structure and operational standards. Verifying the data centre accreditations can give a clear picture of whether it meets your requirement for security, energy efficiency, and interconnectivity standards. Besides, the accreditations help understand if your data centre support is equipped to handle your operational volumes. It can certainly be achieved by optimizing data centre infrastructure and processes.


Despite many opportunities where data centres can explore and gain prominence, the challenges are still significant. The two key concerns of the industry are access to the uninterrupted power supply and land banks in areas of demand.

India’s power infrastructure woes limit the expansion to tier 1 cities, where real estate is expensive and scarce, which in-turn increases capital expenses. Furthermore, building and operating quality data centres demands highly-skilled professionals in specialized areas such as cooling, power, and security & networks. As these skills are not always instantly available, it compels data centre operators to invest significantly in training people.

The lack of a set of rules is perhaps another challenge faced by a list of data centres in India. However, it is expected to change with the National Digital Communication Policy 2018, where significant regulatory reforms are made. It calls for evolving and enabling regulatory framework and incentives to promote the establishment of international data centres and content delivery networks (CDN) in India.

As 5G rolls out and use cases for industrial and IoT start gaining prominence, demand will increase, which is only bound to grow further.

Data Centres in India: Building a Future-Ready Infrastructure

The boom in demand for data centres in India has resulted in the growth of all allied businesses. In India, service provider STT GDC India is identifying future growth opportunities with its state-of-the-art colocation data centres. Their teams ensure that each facility is operated as per STT GDC India’s Centre of Excellence – a strict benchmark for operational excellence, security, and energy efficiency to meet rising demands.

With a solid technological foundation, STT GDC India addresses an enterprise’s existing and future colocation data centre requirements with a customer-centric approach.

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