The Top Five Batgirl Abilities In Gotham Knights

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Four of the most recognizable members of the Bat family, Red Hood, Nightwing, Robin and Barbara Gordon, alias Oracle, or the Batgirl, are offered the role of Gotham’s guardian in Gotham Knights, the Batman video game that reportedly does not star the legendary Caped Crusader as the main character. Even while Gotham Knights is based on the same universe as Rocksteady Studio’s acclaimed Batman Arkham series, it departs from those games by adding light RPG aspects that give players more freedom and choices when it regards customizing the arsenal of each selectable superhero.

If players give Batgirl the proper skills, she may deliver a devastating blow that can easily annihilate even the game’s toughest foes and bosses. Here are the five most amazing and effective Batgirl abilities in Gotham Knights.

Unflinching Heavy Strike

Several of the strongest talents to pick up from the beginning of the game are Unflinching Heavy Strike because it protects users from being knocked unconscious by opposing strikes while executing large or devastating attacks. While it does not grant immunity to damage, it does allow the players to complete their weapon combos without interruption, which can be useful while battling numerous adversaries at once.


In essence, the Heavyweight skill boosts Batgirl’s base strike damage by up to 10% while also increasing the build-up of her stun elemental effect by 20%. This can significantly increase the raw damage output of every one of her attacks. As soon as they get entrance to the Discipline skill tree, people should know this vital skill.

Second Wind

Given the character’s weak base defensive abilities, Second Wind’s ability to increase survivability comes in quite handy when facing a bunch of foes or a boss. After taking a fatal hit, players can use this talent to revive Batgirl with 50% of her health.

Sense of Victory

This is an essential skill, particularly for Gotham Knights’ end-game side missions and challenges. Players can replenish health using the Feeling of Victory skill after disposing of an adversary. When Batgirl has this skill equipped, she recovers 4% health when she defeats an adversary and 8% health when she does so with a grabbing strike or a capture.

Remote Hacking

The Remote Hacking skill enables Batgirl to infiltrate or disable specific electrical devices like guns, landmines, and electrical panels, which may be useful while conducting operations covertly. Due to the skill’s emphasis on stealth rather than confrontation, Batgirl can employ it as a crucial weapon in her toolbox.

Although she may not be capable of launching attacks with a high DPS, Batgirl can easily navigate obstacles by using her intelligence and hacking skills. In Gotham Knights, players can also make Batgirl a deadly adversary by using abilities like Second Wind and Heavyweight.

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