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The U.K. recognizes Covishield in the list of vaccines, Indian traveler gets huge relief

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U.K. recognizes Covishield to the vaccines list but Indian travelers may still need to quarantine themselves due to vaccine certificates. UK government said they are working with the Indian government regarding the Co-Win certificate. The new rules will be applicable from 4 am on October 4.

Covishield is a formulation of Oxford’s AstraZeneca vaccine which is made in the UK and also approved by them. However, there is no clarity yet whether fully vaccinated people with Covishield will be exempted from the mandatory quarantine or not as the revised UK travel guideline. Covaxin is not yet recognized by the United Kingdom as a part of their vaccine list.

Will fully vaccinated Indian travelers with Covishield have to quarantine?

Though the vaccine is approved UK government did not accept the Co-Win certificate yet hence it’s not yet clarified whether India’s who are fully vaccinated with COVISHIELD needs to quarantine or not. 

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Can unvaccinated Indians travel to the UK?

Unvaccinated travelers are allowed to travel to the United Kingdom but they need to test for the Covid-19 test and pay for it themselves. After the arrival in England on day 2 and day, 8 tests will be taken and a traveler needs to fill the passenger locator form anytime in the 48 hours before traveling in England.

What is UK’s problem with the Co-Win certificate?

According to India Co-Win meets all international standards to provide vaccine certificates but it has many issues according to various countries. 

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Initially, the UK government did not even keep India on the list of countries whose vaccines are recognized in the UK. Later India said that Covishield is made by Oxford AstraZeneca which is already approved by the U.K and also said that India will take the same steps with U.K. travelers. Later on, the U.K. changed their stand on COVISHIELD and U.K. recognizes Covishield in their list.

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