The world’s most famous police chase: OJ Simpson and the white Ford Bronco

OJ Simpson, the Pro Football Hall of Famer known for the infamous 1994 murder case, has passed away after battling cancer. On June 17, 1994, Simpson led police on a televised car chase that captivated 95 million Americans, interrupting regular programming and setting off a media frenzy.

The chase, involving a white Ford Bronco and hovering TV helicopters, became a national obsession, with viewers glued to their screens. Domino’s Pizza reported a surge in delivery orders as people preferred not to miss a single moment of the spectacle. The event remains etched in the memories of many.

Kim Goldman, whose brother Ron was murdered alongside Simpson’s ex-wife, vividly recalls the moment of the chase. She expressed, “We were all huddled around and watching, no one was breathing — we just stood there in complete awe and fascination.” For Goldman, it was not about hoping for harm to Simpson but seeking justice for the victims.

The high-profile trial resulting in Simpson’s acquittal polarized the nation, with opinions sharply divided along racial lines. Despite being found liable in a civil suit and ordered to pay damages, a significant portion of the owed amount remained unpaid. Simpson, maintaining his innocence, claimed he wasn’t fleeing during the chase but visiting Nicole’s grave.

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