These Young Ratan Tata Photographs will make you think he was a movie star those days

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Some deep research was conducted to dig some extraordinary and incredible young photos after Ratan Tata‘s sun-kissed, retro, #ThrowbackThursday photo practically shattered all over the web and fooled Netizens into thinking he was a Movie star in his young days.

These Young Ratan Tata Photographs demonstrate his ability to age gracefully.

10 Young Ratan Tata Photographs that will make you think he was a movie star those days

1. In this touching photo, Ratan Tata and J.R.D. Tata is interacting with employees.

Ratan Tata Young

2. The former and present chairman of The Tata Group chat informally.

Ratan Tata Young Photographs

3. A candid photo of Mr. Tata paving the way for Tata Industries while striking a pose of authority.

Mr. Tata Young

4. A photo of Ratan Tata and J.R.D. Tata, his sensei and role model.

Ratan Tata with JRD Tata

5. A single frame with three generations.

6. Hanging out with his college buddies while rocking a crisp white shirt and business dress casual.

7. A vintage photo from his time at Cornell.

Ratan Tata Cornell

8. KPP Nambiar and Ratan Tata, two of India’s most inspirational business titans, in a single frame.

Ratan Tata and KPP Nambiar

9. Mr. Tata demonstrates one of his many untapped abilities. Who knew he had his pilot’s license?

Ratan Tata Flying Plane

10. A very youthful Ratan Tata savoring his time as a student. The bookworm inside of me is yelling.

Rata Tata Reading Book

We don’t know about you, but after seeing these young photos, we know that Ratan Tata has won the country’s heart.

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