Things to consider before getting best front rear dash cam buying guide

Best front rear dash cam buying guide

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Dash cams are devices that constantly record information from the front of your car, or both the front and rear. They are generally built to be mounted on the windshield, so ideally you would want one with a wide field of view so as much footage is captured as possible. This type of footage however could be an invasion of privacy, especially if not mounted properly, and if the subject of the video files requests it to be removed.

This type of device is useful in ensuring that you have a backup for your car’s insurance in case an accident occurs. Having footage from both cameras will provide backup evidence in case one side disputes information or claims negligence on either part. This kind of evidence is also useful in determining liability, which is important for insurance claims.

The process of buying these devices may be complicated because they are fairly new gadgets to the market with a lot of features packed together. Also, it can be difficult to find out which device will work best for you with all the choices available right now. So here are some things you need to consider before buying best front and rear dash cam with night vision.

1. What’s your budget?

If you are on a limited budget, you may want to consider what type of device you would most need for the money you have available. This way, it’ll be easier for you to find one that will be suitable without spending too much.

2. How much storage space the device has should be considered.

Dash cams generally record in loops and overwrite older footage if the storage is already full. If not, then you would need to clear off stored files manually to make sure that you always have recent ones to go through and use as evidence in case an accident occurs.

3. The front and rear cameras used should have high resolution.

Higher resolutions usually go hand in hand with higher prices, but you can still get decent front and rear dash cams even if they’re on the cheaper side, provided that you know which devices to look out for. If possible, find one with a resolution of at least 1280×1080.

4. You should look for a device with good temperature and voltage protection.

This way, your device can continue functioning as intended if your car’s battery runs low or crashes often result in high temperatures inside the vehicle. A good dash cam will usually shut itself down before it gets affected by its environment too much.

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5. The device should have good enough audio quality, so you can clearly hear what’s going on inside the car at all times.

Not being able to pick up sounds could mean that you won’t be able to understand important conversations in case an accident does occur, which could lead to further problems especially if there are any disputes between you and another party.

6. Make sure the device has good night vision, so it can record well even during nighttime or in dark areas.

Black box footage is often used as evidence for accidents that occur at night, so it’s important that your dash cam records video clearly to avoid any disputes especially if you have a working camera facing the driver’s seat.

7. The device should have a good GPS, so you can see your speed and location accurately recorded anywhere it is used or stored.

A lot of dash cams now include this feature as standard, but some devices may not have one included in their package even if they do record clear footage. But you can add a GPS to your device on demand, so if this feature is available it’s best that the dash cam package already includes one.

8. The screen should be at least 2 inches for easy viewing while driving.

Most devices have a good enough screen size included in the package, but it’s still a useful feature to have if you can afford it. The screen should be large enough for the dash cam’s purpose, as this makes playback easier and also lets you control certain functions without having to take your eyes off the road.

9. You may want a device with an included storage card, but make sure that it has a slot for a memory card and that the storage card isn’t too small.

If your camera doesn’t have an extra storage slot, then you would need to pick up another device just to store files from your dash cam. You can use anything as long as it has enough memory space to hold video recordings without getting full too quickly. Most SD cards would do, but you might need to check the device’s specifications if this is what you plan on using.

10. Consider the size of the dash cam itself before buying it.

It should be smaller than your car’s windshield for obvious reasons, but it also needs to be large enough to capture clear footage during recording. A bigger device usually means a bump in price, but this is still worth it if you can find something good even with a bigger size.

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11. Some devices come with extra lenses for your car’s interior and exterior, so make sure to check what you’ll be getting if the package includes anything else aside from the front and rear cameras.

This can provide better coverage for your car, but the extra lenses might not be included in the box depending on which device you pick. If they’re available, then it’s best to get all of them so you don’t have to buy any more later on.

12. A device with decent documentation is also helpful to have, so you can install and operate the dash cam properly away from your computer.

You may need to get help during installation if this isn’t included in the package, which could delay you further especially if you don’t have any idea of what you’re doing or where to start. But with good documentation, everything should be easy and you can get the device running quickly without having to spend time figuring out what to do.

And that’s it, some simple considerations for your best front rear dash cam that you might want to look into before buying any unit on the market today. If these are enough, then you should have no trouble picking up something new so you can start recording clear footage of your car or vehicle.

But remember that you don’t have to follow everything in the list, but it’s still best to consider these things before buying one so you’ll know what type of camera is best for your needs and preferences.

Most dash cams are easy to install and use wherever they go, but if this isn’t the case it’s still possible to get something new for your car or vehicle. You can contact a professional instead if you want to avoid obstacles, and they should be able to help you with installing and setting up a dashcam for your car in no time.

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