Things to Know for First-Time Crypto Investors

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Bitcoin trading is the in thing to do today. People who have never invested in stocks, shares, or bonds in the traditional financial markets are enthusiastic about investing their money in Bitcoin trading. Media hype and the exceptional performance of the crypto coins are among the few reasons behind this tremendous surge in the number of first-time traders and investors. For more information about Bitcoin then click here at Home Page:

A Brief History of Bitcoin

Before investing in Bitcoin, you must understand the basic concept of Bitcoin. The functioning of this digital currency is based on decentralized peer-to-peer transactions on blockchain technology. The basic essence of Bitcoin is that all transactions are done strictly between two people, the seller and the buyer. There is no central authoritative body to regulate the transaction, as is the practice in transactions with fiat money.

Also, all transactions occur in the virtual space on the blockchain. Anyone can access the data and view the details, but the data, once stored, cannot be altered or deleted.

Anyone in any part of the world can do Bitcoin trading provided they have a computer and a sound internet connection. These transactions do not recognize political boundaries. Hence, you do not need to pay more for inter-country transactions. Also, they can be done in a matter of minutes. The confidentiality aspect of the people participating in transactions is another major draw for Bitcoin traders.

Volatility of Bitcoin

As a new investor or trader in cryptocurrency, the one thing that you must know is that Bitcoin and other coins are highly volatile. Volatility refers to the sharp swings in their prices that are triggered by the most random reasons. This leads to Bitcoin trading becoming very speculative. Since the crypto market is highly fluctuating, it will be difficult to say how the value will change, and this adds to the volatility of cryptos. In traditional financial markets, you can analyze the past performances of a particular currency and find a pattern that causes the drop and rise in its value.

For a high-volatile entity such as Bitcoin, predictions are difficult to make. You will find a wide spectrum of predictions about Bitcoin’s performance, ranging from Bitcoin reaching its highest-ever value to the cryptocurrency value being decimated. This may leave you confused as to what to expect.

So, when you enter the crypto market as a Bitcoin trader or investor, you, most importantly, must have a solid risk mitigation plan against volatility. It must include strategies you must adhere to to ensure that your digital asset is safe.  

Do Bitcoin trading from a Reputed Bitcoin Exchange

When you feel you are well-equipped to enter the crypto market, your next step must be to select a crypto exchange or a trading app that is reliable and reputed. With the emergence of nefarious elements in the market whose sole aim is to steal your money, you must prioritise choosing an authentic online platform. There are several platforms that offer optimum service to their customers, such as the, which provides first-time investors with useful inputs and helps them strategize to earn maximum profits.

Keep your assets safe

You must ensure that your stash of coins is safe from the risks of online hacking and other elements. The exchange will provide you with a wallet for your coins, but it will be a hot wallet. It is online and is thus more vulnerable to hacking. You must have an offline cold wallet that consists of the majority of your assets, while a portion can be stored in the online wallet for trading purposes.


If you have a good trading plan that protects you against volatility and ensures that your assets are secure, there is no reason why your journey as a Bitcoin trader should not be a profitable venture. However, before you go ahead and start with the investment journey, it is important that you must acquaint yourself with all the aspects of the crypto exchange. You must do research about the different trading platforms and their key features like transaction fees, withdrawal fees, and different cryptocurrencies present on the platform. All this will eventually impact your trading experience, so make sure that you don’t ignore it before registering yourself.

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