Three sons of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh killed in Israeli air strike

Three sons of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh were tragically killed in an Israeli air strike in Gaza on Wednesday, along with his grandchildren as reported by Palestinian media outlets. Haniyeh confirmed the deaths, stating “All of Gaza‘s citizens paid a price with the blood of their children including mine.”

The devastating incident took place in the Al-Shati refugee camp in Gaza city, as reported by both Arabic and Hebrew media. This is not the first time that tragedy has struck Haniyeh’s family, as in October 2023, 14 of his close family members, including his brother, were killed in another Israeli air strike.

Earlier this year, Haniyeh also lost his granddaughter Roaa Haniyeh, a doctor, and his son Hazem Haniyeh in separate incidents. The Hamas leader’s family has suffered multiple losses due to ongoing conflicts in the region, further highlighting the toll of the violence on innocent civilians.

The repeated tragedies faced by Ismail Haniyeh’s family shed light on the devastating impact of the conflict in Gaza on civilian populations. The loss of lives, including innocent children and healthcare professionals, underscores the urgent need for a peaceful resolution to the long-standing conflict in the region.


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