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TikTok ‘Phone Ceiling’ Challenge Is Now Trending, Here’s What It’s All About



TikTok 'Phone Ceiling' Challenge Is Now Trending, Here's What It's All About

On TikTok, the ‘Phone Ceiling’ Challenge is becoming popular. Participants hook their phones to the roof and showcase their artistic creations from an overhead view. TikTok, a platform renowned for its constantly shifting trends, keeps offering a blend of humor, innovation, and sometimes absurd behavior.

The site has been overrun with interesting challenges in recent years, such as the well-liked “marshmallow game,” the “apple juice challenge,” and the “karaoke without lyrics” craze. The ‘Phone Ceiling’ challenge is the newest internet craze when people record videos of themselves from above while expressing a range of emotions.

What is The ‘Phone Ceiling’ Challenge All About?

The whole setup of TikTok’s Phone Ceiling Challenge is to use tape to attach your phone to the ceiling so that you can dance towards the camera above. The video that TikToker michaelfirshort posted of himself pinning his phone to the ceiling and dancing alongside buddies from above inspired the craze. With more than 5 million views, the video, which was set to J.I.D.’s “Surround Sound,” became well-known very fast.

TikTok 'Phone Ceiling' Challenge Is Now Trending, Here's What It's All About

Since then, the challenge has been quite popular on the site, with many users copying the idea. While dancing is frequently featured in videos, others with cameras have chosen to use more creative methods.

The challenge has evolved into a stage for a range of performances, such as basketball juggling, singing, crochet crafts, and sleeping, all seen from the unusual viewpoint of the ceiling.

Other people have joined in on the bandwagon by posting amusing skits. With an astounding 8.4 million views to date, SamSpedy’s video, which shows him getting caught by his mother while twerking, has become extremely popular.

Some videos even have a couple dancing or getting ready together and that’s utterly gooey and very romantic! Go crazy with this trend and be as creative as you can to wow your audiences.


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