TikTok Poll, ‘Man or Bear’ Gains Traction On Social Media, Here’s What The Results Seem Like

TikTok is not just about short videos and something to make people laugh and help them with their procrastination; sometimes, the social media platform also takes up serious issues and spreads awareness.

TikTok Poll, ‘Man or Bear’ Gains Traction On Social Media

There was a poll posted, primarily asking if someone got lost in the middle of the woods and encountered a bear or a man, who would they choose to face? Unsurprisingly, a majority of the women chose a bear.

Statistics show that 6 out of 7 women chose a bear. They later stated their reasons, saying that if something ever were to happen, no one would ask if they led the bear on or gave it pamphlets on attack prevention tips.

However, some men would rather face a man in the woods than the bear. People also took the question to their partners and kids for their input. Meredith Steele asked her husband the same question and asked who her husband would choose if their daughter ever got lost in the woods.

Her husband swiftly replied that both scenarios were unsafe, but he leaned towards the bear rather than the man. This poll and the answers resulted in debates and lots of controversy over women’s safety around people.

One commenter weighed their reason for choosing the bear, saying, “If I die by a bear, I’ve fed its survival instincts; if I die by a man, I’ve likely only fed his fantasies.” The majority of the women chose the bear, while men chose the man.

Priorities are different; people are different, and their choices are different, hence their feeling of safety is also different around living creatures when it comes to safety.

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