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TikToker Lilly Gaddis Says The N-Word, Fired After The Racist Comment

A White “trad wife” went viral on the internet after using a very racist term online, which is the n-word.

This is triggering to people considering the history and racist pain that people have endured in the past and continues to persist to this day.

TikToker Lilly Gaddis Says The N-Word

Lilly was a cook working under “Rophe of the Carolinas.”

In one of her videos, she used the n-word, and people started questioning Rophe about Lilly’s employment status with the company.

In a video that Lilly shared online, she addressed her friend’s husband as “broke ass n***s.”

This video received a lot of engagement and hatred.

Later, Lilly said, “If my freedom of speech is taken, they’ll be coming for yours next.”

The video had more than 50k viewers and engagement on it.

Later, Lilly’s Twitter account was taken down.

However, when Lilly thought of addressing this issue online, she showed no remorse for what she did and why she did it.

In the next clip Lilly shared, Lilly said she did not care at all.

After the recent comment Lilly posted, Rophe, the brand that provides home health services for the elderly, stepped in and said that Lilly does not work with the company anymore and that she was fired.

Lilly also mentioned that people who are having issues with her statement are barring her freedom of speech and expression, which, according to her, is a red flag.

Some people online agree with what she said and do not find any issues with Lilly’s statement.

However, others are not happy and are glad that Lilly was fired from her job because of the comment she made.

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