Tips and Tricks for Using MacBook Pro

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MacBook Pro laptops have a lot of advantages for users compared to other models. Apple filled its product with multiple features to create rich functionality. Not all people know that there are plenty of tricks to make their work on Macbook way more efficient. Let’s consider some of the tips that will help you get the most out of your computer. 

Quick snapshots

If you have never used a MacBook, you might be wondering how to capture a snapshot without the “PrntScr” button. Don’t be afraid that this feature is not available on your new laptop. You can easily grab snapshots of your screen by pressing the “Command+Shift+4” combination simultaneously. After hitting these keys, you’ll see a square icon that can be dragged across the desired area to capture and save.

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Force quit applications 

MacBook users say that they rarely have an app that goes unresponsive. However, sometimes it happens and you need to force quit such an app. The shortcut for doing this on Mac differs from the one on Windows. Instead of typing Ctrl+Alt+Delete, you have to use this combo: Cmd+Opt+Esc. Once you hit the command, option and escape key, you’ll see the “Force Quit Application” box opened in a floating window. Select the application that doesn’t work properly and click on the Force Quit button. If it’s difficult for you to remember this combination, you can resort to an alternate method. Just click on the menu at the top left corner to access the Force Quit option.

Quick look

One of the most frequently used features on a MacBook Pro is Quick Look. It allows you to avoid opening a file when you need to check its content. Quick Look can be accessed if you tap the spacebar after selecting your file. This feature saves a lot of time if you need to quickly scan the content of multiple files. However, note that Quick Look shows different previews for different types of files. For example, you can see the whole content of a document or an image but you are allowed to check only superficial information such as the file size and last modified date for eBooks and folders. 

Safe mode 

Sometimes, laptop users may face so-called kernel panics. When your MacBook Pro keeps restarting because of some software issues and you can’t do anything with it, you should try a safe mode. This mode restarts your computer with the essential software only, so you can update or uninstall non-essential programs that don’t let you work. To boot in a safe mode, shut down your laptop and wait 10 seconds, then press and hold the Power button and choose the startup disk given options. After that, you have to press and hold Shift, pick ‘Continue in Safe Mode’ and finally release Shift. 

Instant access to folders

One of the most under-appreciated features of MacBooks is Go Menu. In fact, it can significantly enhance your workflow speed. Go Menu is placed in the Menu bar by default. You can use it to quickly access folders without opening the Finder window. What’s more, if you memorize the shortcuts mentioned in the Go menu, you won’t even need to use this feature because you can directly open windows. For example, to access your Downloads folder, tap the combination of Opt+Cmd+L.

Benefits of Spotlight

Spotlight is not just a search mechanism like it used to be. Over the years, it has evolved into a smart feature that can perform various functions. To save time, you can use Spotlight to carry out currency conversions. Also, this MacBook tool can perform simple math calculations such as multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, etc. If you need to check the weather for the next day, you can also turn to Spotlight. In addition, it shows term definitions, you just need to type the word and press “⌘+L” to see what it means. 

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Tags and stacks 

With tags and stacks, you can easily organize your files. Basically, tags are coloured dots that you assign to any type of file or folder to quickly access it. You can see the Tags menu in the Finder window of your MacBook. This feature comes in handy if you want to access multiple files in one place without moving them from the original folder. You can also make tagged files even more accessible by using the Stacks feature which keeps them neatly organized in groups. So whenever you save a new file, it will be automatically added to the appropriate stack. 

Final thoughts

As you see, MacBooks are full of useful features. To quickly access them, you should remember some key combinations mentioned above. Hopefully, you will use your laptop to its fullest capacity with our tips. 

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