Tips to choose best hand tools

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A handy tool is any instrument or a simple piece of equipment that you hold in your hands easily and can use to do a specific kind of work. For example, screwdrivers, pliers, ratchets and sockets, saws, cutting tools, clamps, rivet guns, staple guns, files and rasps, chisels and tweezers, spades, hot melt glue gun, flashlight, wrenches, blades, hammers, and knives etc. Some hand toolsets are also available in the market that consists of all necessary things in it. Some kitchen tools are also known as hand tools.

How you can choose the best hand tools?

There are some important points that you should keep in mind while choosing handy tools. Some of them are as follows:

  • When you want to buy some tools, firstly, make sure there are no oil or grease marks on them. Because if it does, it means that either it was made carelessly or it was already used. So don’t buy such a tool.
  • When tools are made, the name of a particular brand or company is printed on them, and pressed a little bit due to which the stamp gets firmed in the tool and cannot be erased. But if it is not real then the name of the brand or company on it will not be fixed and will be rough.
  • Real tools are manufactured in companies with great care when imitation tools are hand-made. You can check this by shaking them because shaking a fake tool will make you feel noisy.

Safety precautions essential while using hand tools:

Some safety measures are very important to keep in view while using these tools, because they may harm you in many ways.

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 Some hazards are as follows:

  • Sharp or pointed parts of the tools can hurt you by cutting your skin.
  • While using hammer carelessly, you may also hurt your hand very badly.
  • When you are working with iron or steel tools, many small particles fly here and there, which can injure you. So be careful while working with these tools.
  • Whenever you hit something with a hammer or something like that, smoke comes out, if you inhale that smoke, it may cause a serious effect on your health.


If any tool is broken or damaged, do not use it as it may injure you. Some tools are specially designed for different and some special tasks. Do not use them for any other purpose, because it may cause discomfort. You can use some protective things like gloves and special goggles to work with these tools. Be careful and keep in mind that you must not put these tools in your pocket, in fact, you should keep them in a toolbox.

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Types of the handy tools:

There are many types of handy tools, but here we will discuss just torque wrench. A torque wrench is a tool that is usually used to open or to hold nuts, bolts or different screws by providing them specific torques. The torque wrench has the same properties as the torque screwdrivers have. The tolerances of different wrenches usually range from 20% to 100%. There are many types of torque wrench, which vary from one another in size, shape and styles.

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