Tips to launch a successful eCommerce Website

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We have seen an upward trajectory in eCommerce business last year and is expected to be the same for the coming year. Many entrepreneurs/retailers are taking advantage of this opportunity and are getting into the eCommerce business. But before you prepare to launch your eCommerce store here are a few things you should give a thought:

1. Clean And User-Friendly Design

Make sure your eCommerce website is clean and clutter-free. It should contain only the necessary information, avoid unnecessary content on the site. Ensure the site is designed and developed by keeping in mind your nature of business and target customers.

2. Proper choice of colors

Before launching your store, decide on a color theme for your website. Colors play a vital role in any business. Ensure the colors used in your online store represent your brand and give the right feel to customers.

3. Picking the right eCommerce Solution

There are many platforms available for eCommerce like Magento, WooCommerce, Sitecore, Prestashop, etc. Switching platforms later can be a tedious task. Before you start, understand your needs and choose a platform wisely.

4. Use of real and high-quality images

Images are the primary focus of an eCommerce store. As customers cannot touch and feel your products, make sure you provide actual, detailed, clean and crisp images of your product. Get your products photographed by professionals(unless you are one of yourself) before launching your eCommerce store.

5. Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is the heartbeat of an eCommerce business. You connect hundreds of customers via various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Social media also allows you to answer queries, complaints of customers directly improving your brand value.

6. Responsive Design

Before you launch your store:

a. Make sure it supports every browser and device.

b. Don’t limit your website till specific resolutions.

c. Hire a good, responsive web development company to get your store correctly optimized for all browsers and devices, improving their user experience.

7. Security

Security can be the primary concern for a customer. Use SSL security for your store and give them third party payment options. Please give them a safe shopping experience to get business.

8. Testing everything before the launch

Make sure you test everything throughout your website before final launch. It’s the most important thing to understand your website’s user experience and to ensure that your online store is performing up to your expectations.

9. Search Engine Optimization

Don’t assume people will find your online store. The web is too big, and companies are continuously making efforts to rank their sites on the top. There has to be some medium via which customers can land to your website. You should have a proper marketing plan to gain new customers to your store. You can hire some good SEO firms to help you to gain more visitors to your website.

Above are the few points to be taken care of before launching your eCommerce store. Get in touch with a professional eCommerce website design and development company to guide you throughout the process and make your store successful.

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