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TN forest department urges motorists to refrain from speeding in Anamalai Tiger Reserve area

Chennai, April 13 (IANS) – Tamil Nadu Forest Department officials have issued a warning to motorists passing through the Anamalai Tiger Reserve (ATR), urging them to drive at reduced speeds to prevent collisions with animals crossing the roads. The warning comes as a response to the frequent sightings of Nilgiri Thar, Nilgiri Lion-Tailed Macaques, and other wildlife in the area being struck by speeding vehicles.

According to forest department officials, the directive follows the emergence of various animals, often with their offspring, from the forest range and crossing roads. This has resulted in several incidents of animals being hit by vehicles, particularly reckless two-wheeler riders.

To address this issue, the forest department has deployed Anti-Depredation Squads along the ATR to deter speeding motorists. G. Venkatesh, Forest Range Officer of Valparai Forest Range, noted an increase in the wildlife population and emphasized the need for caution while driving in the area.

Venkatesh stated, “Despite our efforts to provide water troughs and other amenities for the animals, they still venture towards the roads, requiring our staff to divert them. Reckless driving, especially by two-wheeler riders, poses a significant challenge that our wildlife staff is actively working to address.”

The forest department is closely monitoring the situation and anticipates gaining insights from the upcoming wildlife census results. Measures such as barricades and increased patrols are being implemented to ensure the safety of both motorists and wildlife in the Anamalai Tiger Reserve.


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