Tokyo Toni Calls Out Beyonce A ‘Devil Worshipper,’ Claims That The Singer Went To Epstein Island

Tokyo Toni has gained traction on social media after she accused Beyoncé of being a devil worshipper in an Instagram Video.

This is not the first time singers, especially celebrities, have been accused of being anti-Christ, particularly devil worshippers.

Tokyo Toni Calls Beyonce A ‘Devil Worshipper’

We have seen instances where Taylor Swift has also been accused of being reincarnated as the devil and is the secret whisperer of the same.

So, Tokyo Toni suddenly called out Beyoncé for being an anti-Christ in an Instagram video posted on her own account.

This has led to a massive surge of comments online.

Some people are siding with Tokyo, while some think she doesn’t have a point with her statement.

In her video, which is still on her Instagram, she opened a picture of Beyoncé and commented that Beyoncé went to Epstein Island to hurt young kids.

Tokyo also states that Beyoncé does not know how to sing or dance.

This is not the first time Beyoncé has been accused of being an anti-Christ or devil worshipper.

Tokyo has raised her voice before on this same subject as well, which did not sit right with the people, let alone previously.

In the video she posted, she also spammed comments in Beyoncé’s posts, calling her out as a demon.

Some people on the internet also took this thing as a joke.

Even Beyoncé supporters are not hating on Tokyo but laughing at what she’s assuming because of the way she’s putting on blame online.

Tokyo Toni is from the Dominican Republic; she is the mother to well-known personality Blac Chyna.

For the time being, nothing has been publicly accepted or rejected by Beyoncé or the team about this whole matter as of yet.

Netizens are on it and they’re having a good time laughing about it though.

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