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Why Is ‘Tom Pryce’ Trending On Tiktok? Horrific 1977 F1 Accident Video Resurface on Social Media



Why Is 'Tom Pryce' Trending On Tiktok? Read More

Back in 1977 Formula One saw a devasting visual that consisted of the death of the infamous racer, Tom Pryce. The accident was something the racing world with never forget and how tragic was the death of Tom.

‘Tom Pryce’ Trending On Tiktok, 1977 F1 Accident Video goes viral

Recently all over social media the name ‘Tom Pryce’ has gone viral. TikTok is currently trending with his old videos and clips which contain his racing and winning races on the ground. People are posting, sharing, and retweeting things related to Tom Pryce.

Why Is 'Tom Pryce' Trending On Tiktok?

Clips of his races, or the final one are being shared. It is not only to commemorate the talented man but also to serve as a warning to the current Formula One racer to be calm, and composed and not make the same mistakes that led to the accident of Tom Pryce.

Now due to his ongoing craze all over social media may confuse a lot of people about him being dead or alive. It is to confirm that Tom died on March 5, 1977, during the South African Grand Prix at the Kyalami circuit. Of course, he left a huge impact on his fans and followers, he is an inspiration to the racers to look up to these days.

Horrific 1977 F1 Accident Video Resurface on Social Media

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The incident serves as a reminder of the danders, and ups and downs life has planned. Anything can appear unexpected in front of us and we have to accept it.

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