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Toolkit Case: Delhi Women’s Commission sent notice to Police regarding Disha Ravi’s arrest #Toolkit #DishaRavi #ProKhalistani

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In the case of the arrest of Disha Ravi, the Delhi Commission for Women has sent a notice to the Deputy Commissioner of Cybercrime Cell of Delhi Police. In this notice, the Commission has sought a copy of the FIR from the police as well as the reason for not presenting the direction to the local court for transit remand and detailed action report.

Delhi Police Commissioner put his side on Disha Ravi’s arrest

Delhi Police Commissioner SN Srivastava said that, Disha Ravi has been arrested following the law and procedures. The law makes no difference between the ages of 22 and 50 years. The court, considering the arrest as true, sent him to police custody for 5 days. Those who say that there is a shortfall in arrests are absolutely false.

Police sought information from people involved in online meeting held on 11 January with ‘Zoom’ app

The Delhi Police, writing a letter to the app ‘Zoom’ used for the video conference, allegedly joined the online meeting organized by a group of Khalistan supporters on January 11 to prepare a ‘toolkit’ in support of the farmers’ demonstration. Information is sought regarding people.

Police have alleged that 70 people including Mumbai’s lawyer Nikita Jacob and Pune engineer Shantanu attended a meeting held on the ‘Zoom’ app a few days before the violence in the national capital during the tractor parade on Republic Day.

After Khalistan, the ‘toolkit’ wires are also joining the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI

In the investigation of the ‘Toolkit‘ case, the names of Bhajan Singh Bhinder alias Iqbal Chaudhary and Peter Frederich associated with Pakistani intelligence agency ISI have been revealed. The police have found their names in the toolkit list. Now it is being investigated whether there is no funding from ISI for this. Police say that it will be revealed only after the arrests of Nikita Jacob and Shantanu.

According to the police, a decision was taken at the zoom meeting on January 11 on what to do in the toolkit, how to work on it and who to send it to. It included 70 people in addition to pro-Khalistan MO Dhaliwal, Disha Ravi, Nikita and Shantanu. Police officials say that information is also being collected about the people involved in the meeting that day.

Shantanu had prepared a toolkit

Digital evidence from Disha Ravi has revealed that Shantanu, a Pune-based social worker and engineer, had prepared a toolkit and prepared an e-mail address for it. This sent a toolkit.

Nikita and Disha played the role of editor in it. It was drafted by MO Dhaliwal and others in the zoom meeting. Police sources say that the death of farmer Ravneet Singh, who died in a tractor accident on ITO, was also part of it.

When to do what, it was decided by the toolkit

Through the toolkit, it was decided when and what to do in the movement. Whom to send it to. It also includes NGOs, media houses and other institutions. How to use the hashtag was also mentioned. The toolkit was sent to more than a thousand people and included the names of Bhajan and Peter, so it is believed that the ISI is also involved in this whole case.

Disha sent the toolkit to Sweden’s environmental activist Greta Thunberg, associated with one of her organizations. Greta accidentally shared the toolkit on Twitter and the police noticed it after the trend.

Disha asks Greta to delete the tweet

Seeing the worsening of the situation, the evidence related to it started disappearing. He asked Greta to delete the tweet. Greta did it, but by then it was too late. According to the police, Disha herself started removing the links associated with the toolkit from Google, but by then the police had received several screenshots.

On the other hand, when the police arrested Disha, his phone and documents showed important clues. Although he deleted a lot of things in the mobile, the police is trying to get them.

There was a conspiracy to tarnish India’s image worldwide

Through the toolkit, pro-Khalistani supporters were conspiring to tarnish the image of India not only in the world. Investigation has revealed that apart from harming Indian culture, there was a conspiracy to target the Indian embassy abroad. There was a conspiracy that people surrounded the Indian embassies and created a ruckus in support of the farmers.

On January 26, physical action was said

The toolkit was to launch the twitter storm on 23 January. Simultaneously the digital strike had to be started through the hashtag. At the same time, on 26 January, there was talk of entering Delhi with physical action and returning to the border.

Ravi arrested in the presence of family members

Responding to questions arising over Disha’s arrest, Delhi Police on Monday clarified that Disha was arrested in Bangalore in the presence of her mother and the local police.

The direction was also given to the counsel for Disha. Since the police team arrived in Delhi before 24 hours, its transit remand was also not taken. When the lawyers of Disha did not appear in the court, they were also provided with a lawyer to present their case.

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