Top 10 Baisakhi Rangoli Designs to Brighten Your Celebrations

Baisakhi Rangoli Designs – Baisakhi, also known as Vaisakhi, predominantly marks the celebration of the beginning of a new Sikh year in some parts of North India.

As the sun completes its revolution around the Earth according to the regional calendar, people celebrate their cultural new year on this day. It’s a huge celebration with vibrant imagery and astounding rituals.

In Punjab, people perform Bhangra, light bonfires, and dance and sing around them. It is also celebrated in Bengal, known as Poila Baishakh, where people wear new dresses, eat the first produce of the regional year, and spend time with friends and family.

Baisakhi is a very famous festival celebrated in India. This year, Baisakhi falls on April 13th, and in some parts, it falls on April 14th.

To decorate homes for the festival, rangolis are very common. They are made with colored sand intricately drawn on the ground to create designs thematically aligned with the festival.

Baisakhi has numerous significant moments depicted during the commencement of the festival.

Some people draw rangolis freehand, while others use stencils. The rangolis can be customized according to the design and taste of the maker or the family.

Below, we have listed the 10 best Baisakhi rangoli designs for you to check out and draw inspiration from.

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10 Baisakhi Rangoli Designs:

1. Floral Baisakhi Rangoli Design

Credit: Pinterest

2. Pretty

Credit: Pinterest

3. Coconut Baisakhi Rangoli Design

Credit: Pinterest

4. Colorful

Credit: Pinterest

5. Ganesha Baisakhi Rangoli Design

Credit: Pinterest

6. Bright

Credit: Pinterest

7. Feather Baisakhi Rangoli Design

Credit: Pinterest

8. Diya

Credit: Pinterest

9. Duck

Credit: Pinterest

10. Monotone Baisakhi Rangoli Design

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