Top 10 Hospitals in Gurgaon – World Class Health Care and Affordable Fees

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Gurgaon is dotted with several elite private hospitals that offer world-class health care services. When you choose one of these for yourself and your loved ones, you get access to some of the most brilliant minds in the field of healthcare and medicine. All of these hospitals are equipped with excellent amenities, the latest surgical and other equipment, and highly qualified management. Here is a list of the top 10 hospitals in Gurgaon.

1. Fortis Memorial Research Hospital

Fortis Memorial Research hospital is a multi-super specialty hospital in Gurgaon. It is a quaternary care hospital that has consistently ranked in the top 10 hospitals in the nation and has also been on the list of 30 technologically advanced hospitals in the world. Fortis is known for its holistic approach towards the wellness of its patients and follow-up care for long chronic diseases like hypertension and diabetes. The doctors at Fortis are some of the best brains in the industry who provide path-breaking treatment options to the patients. The nursing staff and other personnel are also highly qualified and well-trained in their own specialties.

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2. Max Hospital

Max Hospital in Gurgaon is a part of Max Hospital’s 14 hospital chain in North India. This hospital offers multi-dimensional health care services with its state-of-the-art infrastructure and ultra-modern technology. Max hospital offers care in verticals like bone marrow transplant, cardiology, gynecology, neurosciences, kidney transplant, and more. This hospital is known for its high standard of medical care at an affordable price.

3. CK Birla Hospital

CK Birla Hospital in Gurgaon is a part of a chain of world-class hospitals by CK Birla Group. It is a multi-specialty hospital with policies and protocols derived from the UK’s National Institute of Health and Care Excellence guidelines. This hospital is dedicated to providing premium health care through its state-of-the-art technology and seamless collaboration across caregivers. The team of doctors at CK Birla Hospital comes with international accreditation and work experience. CK Birla hospitals are accredited for several firsts in the medical industry. This group has set many milestones in India’s healthcare scene in the last five decades, with several more to come.

4. Medanta – The Medicity

One of India’s largest multi-super specialty hospitals, Medanta – The Medicity hospital was founded with the vision to provide holistic and affordable health care in India. It works with utmost commitment towards the health of its patients using the latest technologies, highly qualified staff, and seamless collaboration across departments. Medanta – The Medicity constantly seeks better ways to treat patients while encouraging innovation and path-breaking medical methods.

5. Artemis Hospital

Located in the heart of Gurugram, Artemis Hospital is one of India’s most advanced hospitals. It offers expertise in several medical and surgical interventions, along with inpatient and out-patient services. Artemis Hospital works to provide exceptional services in a warm environment while ensuring affordability and efficiency. At Artemis hospital, renowned doctors of the country work with advanced technology to treat patients and provide top-class medical care.

6. Polaris Hospital

Polaris Hospital in Gurgaon is a super-specialty hospital that offers innovative care options along with multi-disciplinary diagnosis and treatment. This hospital is run by an experienced team of doctors working with superb technology and equipment. Polaris specializes in orthopedic care and surgery. The team here provides comprehensive care for all types of bone injuries, including sports injuries. This hospital is the first choice of people living in Delhi and NCR for its orthopedic expertise because of its high standards of quality and patient care.

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7. Columbia Asia Hospital

Columbia Asia Hospital is one of the most preferred hospitals in Gurgaon. This hospital offers a wide range of services like Internal Medicine, Ob & Gynecology, Pediatrics, General Surgery, etc. Columbia Asia Hospital has a top-notch infrastructure and a team of highly qualified and experienced doctors. The hospital follows international standards when it comes to medical and operational protocols.

8. Metro Hospital and Heart Institute

Metro Hospital in Gurgaon is one of the best hospitals in the Delhi NCR region for cardiac care and treatment. It is a part of the Metro Group of hospitals and run by some of the best cardiologists in India. With the best technological and medical innovations available, patients can expect a holistic approach to their treatments. Metro Hospital is dedicated to providing ongoing health care to its patients using international health care protocols.

9. VPS Rockland

VPS Rockland Hospital is a part of the VPS Healthcare Group, an internationally renowned group of hospitals located in the United Arab Emirates, Oman, and now in India. This multi-specialty hospital is located in the Manesar township of Gurgaon. This 400-bed hospital works on the shoulders of 150 distinguished, highly qualified doctors, 400 highly trained and qualified nurses, and around 500 other highly qualified staff members. With a fully integrated healthcare delivery system, VPS Rockland provides primary, secondary as well as tertiary care services.

10. Jain Hospital

Jain Hospital is a well-known super-specialty hospital that aims to provide the best health care to its patients at an affordable price. The medical institution is equipped with the latest technology and is known for its critical health care services. The team of doctors is highly qualified and comes with national and international experience. This hospital has a few super-specialty wings and is also home to an acclaimed Neuro center and fertility and IVF clinic.

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In Closing

World-class and affordable healthcare is difficult to find in one place. The above hospitals are swiftly changing this trend and bringing global healthcare innovations to the people of Gurgaon and Delhi NCR. These are some of the most acclaimed hospitals in the area and ranked amongst the top hospitals in the nation for their expertise, dedication, and commitment towards high-standard health care services. 

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