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(18+ Only) Ankita Bhattacharya Web Series List in 2024

Exclusive 2024 list of Ankita Bhattacharya's web series on Ullu: a curated collection for adults seeking bold, engaging narratives.

Ankita Bhattacharya Web Series– Ankita Bhattacharya is one of the famous fresh faces in the TV industry. In just a short period, she has been a part of many hit web series that surely put her on the map. Here we are gonna be diving into the best Ankita Bhattacharya web series.

Best Ankita Bhattacharya Web Series

1. Joker Joker

Ankita Bhattacharya

A romantic suspense thriller. It revolves around a female writer moving to an isolated estate to find inspiration for her next erotic novel. As she starts writing her novel she starts imagining all the erotic stuff in her mind. Surprisingly these experience turns out to be real-life experiences. Also, she is being stalked by a masked psychopath. The lines between fiction and reality start to fade away, filling the mind of the writer with thoughts like is sex real? Who is the masked guy?

2. Choodiwala

Ankita Bhattacharya Web Series to Watch Alone

Murari is a bangle seller in a rural village. While selling bangles and trying them on the women’s hands he always tries to seduce them. Through his work, he meets 3 ladies of the village, one is Sangeeta, a rich-class lady who is not happy in her marriage as she is not physically satisfied, other is Kajri a regular middle-class lady with no sex in her marriage as her husband works out of town and the third is Bhuri, the poor class who avoids sex after a hectic day. Murari uses all of them for sex and brings lust and love, into their life. What the ladies don’t know is that he is just using them for physical needs nothing more than that. 

3. Riti Riwaj

Riti Riwaj - Water Wives

The Ankita Bhattacharya-starrer web series highlights topics of Indian society that are usually brushed under the rug. It shows a tribal village of Maharastra where men are allowed to have more than one wife indicating each wife doing a single daily household chore. Bhagat Ram is married to Shanta and frustrated with the household work she forces her husband into a second marriage as this will help her share the daily work in the house. Bhagat marries Beena. Seeing them getting intimate Shanta feels jealous but decides not to do anything. Soon Beena and Shanta both forced Bhagat to marry for the third time. Maya arrives in the house as the third wife. Soon the trouble starts when Maya finds it hard to adjust in the house with two other ladies and a dead body is found in the village. 

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