Top 3 Bausch + Lomb Contact Lenses Available In The Market For Students

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Oh, the college years! Learning, making friends, working hard and partying harder. College days mark an exciting period in your life when you want to make the most of every experience! 

While giving your best at studies, you would also like to look and feel your best, so that you can create amazing memories. That is why you may not want to carry a geeky or nerdy look with your spectacles as a part of your personality all the time. 

In such a case, when you are heading to college and want to improve your vision without having to wear eyeglasses, you must visit your eye care specialist to know more about wearing contact lenses. They will examine your eyes and help you find out your specific requirements.

Wearing contact lenses provides you with a comfortable and convenient way to improve your vision. Besides, wearing contact lenses looks and feels more natural than having to carry around a pair of eyeglasses. Not only will you find corrective contact lenses in the market, but also colored contact lenses that can help you rock different stylish looks. 

So, whether you are new to wearing contact lenses, or making a switch, contact lenses have plenty of benefits to offer you. Especially, considering the active lifestyle that college life demands, contact lenses make for the perfect visual aid for students. But with the different types of contact lenses that are available in the market, which one is the best for your eyes? 

Top Three Bausch+Lomb Contact Lenses Available In The Market For Students

Amongst the various brands, you can explore options from reputable brands such as Bausch+Lomb that offers an extensive range of different types of contact lenses for various prescription powers, including toric lenses and multifocal lenses. 

Apart from corrective contact lenses, Bausch+Lomb also offer a premium range of coloured contact lenses, Lacelle that offers various shades of a specific colour, to carry different looks – subtle, every day and bold so that you see the world in exciting colours. 

To help you choose from Bausch+Lomb’s range of contact lenses, here’s a list of top three contact lenses for students in the market:

1. iConnect Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

One of the most affordably priced daily disposable contact lenses, Bausch+Lomb’s iConnect Daily is ideal for first-time contact lens wearers. Additionally, iConnect daily disposables contact lenses are also available in a wide range of prescription eye power.

Top Features:

  • Maintenance Free, as you have to discard them after every use
  • Designed to hold and retain moisture for improved vision
  • Made with Hydrogel Material, which is deposit resistant and provides improved wearability comfort
  • Affordably priced so that you don’t have to compromise with your vision or fashion sense

2. iConnect OxyRich Monthly Disposable Contact Lenses

Another ideal choice for first-time contact lens wearers, iConnect OxyRich monthly disposable contact lenses are specifically designed for those who need to wear lenses for long hours1. 

Apart from providing you with precise and comfortable vision, these contact lenses are also engineered to give you whiter and healthier eyes at the end of each day1.

Top Features: 

  • Made with the award-winning silicone Hydrogel material
  • Allows high oxygen transmissibility and ensures good eye health
  • Wide range of power choices available 
  • Highly affordable and offers value for money

3. Biotrue ONEday Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

In case you are looking for an all-rounder, your search for the most versatile contact lenses ends here. 

Bausch+Lomb’s Biotrue ONEday Daily disposable contact lenses are ideal for preventing eye discomfort, irritation, and dryness that arises due to prolonged exposure to digital devices1. These contact lenses are developed and designed to provide you with a consistently crisp, clear, and comfortable vision1. 

Top Features:

  • Available for different powers as per your prescription
  • Made with HyperGel material for improved oxygen flow 
  • Retains moisture for up to 16 hours a day
  • Prevents lens dehydration and lens related eye dryness
  • Provides UVA and UVB protection to safeguard eyes from harmful sun rays

Don’t Forget About Your Eye Care Specialist

As a student, you must already know the importance of exams. The same goes for undergoing eye examinations before buying and wearing contact lenses. It is because the eye test result and your doctor’s prescription will help you choose the best contact lenses for your vision. That is why staying up-to-date on your eye exams for safely wearing contact lenses is essential. Now that you know some of the top contact lens options, discuss them with your eye care specialist before you buy them.

Students who want to start wearing contact lenses or want to switch to another brand or type of contact lens must schedule an appointment with an optometrist for a comprehensive eye exam. 

During this appointment, you must talk to your eye care specialist about your college lifestyle and preferences. Share any problems or issues about wearing time, cleaning routine, extended wear or dry eyes. This way, your eye care specialist will be able to help you pick a contact lens that shall suit both your prescriptions and personal needs. 

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