Top 7 Tools for Small Businesses for Online Marketing Success

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About 28 million small businesses are now competitive to thrive in the United States itself, and the global count is multifold. As this number is going up day by day, all these small business owners are looking for a competitive edge to succeed. If you happen to be one among these, then there are high chances that you are also looking for strategies to outshine the competition.

There are no such smart ways to know what the future holds for you in real, but one thing is sure. You may never want to be in the 80% slot whose business tends to fail within 18 months of initiation. What it takes you to succeed in marketing, and what strategies will win companies follow? Let us explore.

Online marketing success

We are now in a brand-newera of internet-based technologies. Even the smallest businesses out there must have a powerful presence online to succeed. Businesses need to have a strategy in place, which can leverage the powers of social media, search engine optimization, etc. to drive in more traffic and make use of social media marketing advancements to reap the optimum benefits.

Here in this post, we will discuss the top marketing tools which a start-up business may need. Those who are already into it may be familiar with a few of them, but from managing social media campaigns to handling entire project management, proper usage of these tools will help you to ensure the competitive edge to succeed.

Marketing tools for small businesses

1. Google Analytics

This is the No.1 tool anyone should think of while incorporating analytics into your online marketing projects. This is a free tool from Google, and Analytics must be made a part of your marketing strategy from the very beginning. Many out there still consider Google Analytics as a traffic management tool, but it can have a bigger impact on streamlining your marketing strategy for success. With the data-driven insights shared by Analytics, you can adjust your social media, SEO, or content strategy to capture more results. For new businesses, installing Google Analytics at a very early stage is crucial to building a successful marketing strategy for more accurate data-driven decision-making.

2. HubSpot

In business marketing, CRM software, and sales management, HubSpot is now one of the top tools to be used. In the case of marketing, this software can be an all-in-one solution for users. From attracting more customers to successfully closing maximum leads, HubSpot can bring together the entire marketing automation funnel. On HubSpot, you get access to all such activities related to blogging, SEO, social media, website, landing pages, lead management, call to actions, marketing automation, mail management, analytics, etc.

3. MailChimp

MailChimp is an email marketing tool used by about 80% of the B2C and B2B companies lately. Getting this, you can instantly set off with a successful email marketing strategy. As of late, MailChimp claims to be the top mail marketing provider across the world. Even though there are many alternatives for this, this intelligent tool far outweighs others in terms of features. The self-service option of MailChimp will help you find quick answers to all questions. The small and startup businesses offer a free plan for less than 2000 subscribers and not more than 12000 emails to be sent per month.

4. Trello

For those who are new to marketing, FLOSUM suggests Trelloas a matchless organizer tool, which will help improve your marketing team’s functions and productivity. Trello can help manage your projects more efficiently by keeping all involved on the same page and prioritizing tasks by saving a lot of time and effort. For example, you may share promotional blog posts on Trello before you publish those so that others get an opportunity to go through the same and share their thoughts to strengthen it before it goes out to the public. It is a very easy-to-understand and user-friendly tool that only takes a few minutes to set up a board for each marketing project you handle.

5. Hootsuite

As we know, social media plays a crucial role in the success of any business lately. Regardless of your company’s size or domain, a successful social media marketing strategy will help you reach real people and generate business in the digital era. Installing Hootsuite will help you effectively schedule social media posts and run campaigns logically for maximum effectiveness by saving a lot of time for you. There are many unique features on Hootsuite like it can identify influencers for your marketing efforts, reply to comments through the dashboard, and also centrally manage your profiles on various social media platforms by automating the same.

6. KISSmetrics

If you are into digital marketing, the KISSmetrics can be the best tracker tool to analyze and optimize your campaigns’ performance. Using it effectively, you can see what is working for you and what not across all your mobile, web, and social media campaigns. It is primarily an analytics tool that can provide you a funnel report where you can instantly see the snapshot where the leaks are happening in your business. KISSmetrics is a chape tool starting at just $120 per month but offering you the same features as many of the premium tools in this sector.  With a wide range of features and products, KISSmetrics insights can give you invaluable insights to grow your business.

7. Followerwonk

If you are trying your fortune in social media marketing, then Followerwonk can be invaluable too. The tools on this platform are meant to help you facilitate your social media strategy by digging more deeply into the analytics data and make use of it to strategize your efforts. Folloerwonk is easy to use and also extremely useful in what it does. This platform’s services can be broadly categorized into finding, analyzing, and optimizing your social strategies. 

What we discussed is not a comprehensive list. Still, you can find many more online marketing business tools, too, like the All in One SEO Pack, BuzzSumo, Crazy Egg, and many more to better facilitate your devoted digital marketing efforts.

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