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Top 7 Useful Solo Travel Apps For Frequent Travellers

If you are a solo backpacker or wish to travel solo in the future, you should know that it is one of the best travel experiences. Traveling to another city or a country all by yourself boosts your confidence and gives you a sense of accomplishment. That’s not all; experiencing different cultures alone will also help you learn many things from your traveling experience. That said, you should be aware of the challenges and setbacks of solo traveling as well. Finding stays and figuring out the mode of transport and the risk of being alone in a foreign country are some of the challenges many solo travelers face. Luckily, several free travel applications help solo travelers and make the overall travel experience better and safer. Here is a list of seven useful solo travel apps for frequent travelers.  Travel Blogger Recreates Beautiful Outdoor Scenes Using Everyday Food Items, And They Look So Real!


Here’s an application that is one of the best for solo travelers on the list. SoloTraveller changes one’s perception of traveling alone. It is a great place to find fellow solo travelers to accompany you on your next voyage. The best part is you can find a travel companion traveling solo from your city according to your preferences such as age, gender, and other interests. With the help of SoloTraveller, you can find the perfect companion to share your taxi fare, find affordable stays, etc. It’s not just a place to find and meet solo travelers but a whole community of travel enthusiasts sharing their experiences with the world. It provides a great opportunity to find your travel companion and like-minded individuals.


Eatwith is another great solo travel apps available online. While traveling solo is fun, eating alone in some restaurant in a foreign country isn’t. Eatwith allows travelers to find dinner parties and food walks in more than 130 countries. The best way to find out more about any place and its culture is by having a conversation with the locals. Eatwith helps you have the best authentic culinary experience in any country and meet like-minded hosts to share a glass of wine and converse with them. You can find the host’s complete details, the pricing, cuisines, etc. in the app. The best part is that you can find culinary experiences according to your diet by filtering through options like vegan, vegetarian, etc., on the application. 


Solo travel isn’t always about sharing expenses and experiences and safety, especially for female solo travelers. So, here’s a travel application dedicated solely for female solo travelers to make their travel memorable and safe. With the help of Tourlina, women solo travelers can find like-minded female travelers by entering the travel dates and the destination of their choice. The application allows users to interact through the chat option to better and plan the trip accordingly. The best part about finding travel companions on Tourlina is that all the profiles are of verified users only. Easy-to-use interface and filters such as age preference to find travel companions make it a must-have for female solo travelers.


Meetup is another great application that helps solo travelers find like-minded individuals from various cities and countries. Unlike other apps mentioned in the list, Meetup does not solely focus on the traveling community. One can find people, interact with them, and attend events as well. For instance, if you are on a quest for some like-minded adventure junkies, you can join one of the Hiking Meetup groups to find like-minded travel companions. All that is left is getting a Nissan xtrail roof rack to store the hiking gear and get going. Not just for traveling, Meetup serves as a great platform to meet like-minded individuals and improve your overall social skills and networking. 

Redzone Map

An essential aspect that makes a vacation memorable is the safety factor. We usually are and should be cautious while traveling to a foreign country or a city as we are not familiar with the place and people. That increases when you’re traveling solo as you are more prone to danger when alone than in a group. Redzone Map displays areas with high crime rates using information from government agencies. Based on the indications, you can stay away from certain areas or streets while heading out to explore the city. The map displays different crimes in different colors like theft, assault, shootings, etc. Solo or not, Redzone Map is a must-have application for every travel enthusiast. 


Backpackr is another travel community that allows people to find travel companions and plan their vacations together. The interface of the application is easy to use with a wide variety of features. Once you add the dates and destination of your trip, it shows you the list of people traveling to the same place on those dates. The application uses a matching system to connect travelers, just like a dating site. Apart from meeting fellow travelers, Backpackr serves as a platform for people to share their travel experiences, suggestions, and reviews about the places they have visited. So you can choose the best places to visit while traveling based on the fellow traveler’s recommendations. The application also provides several offers such as pub crawls, food offers, great deals on hostels, etc., for its users. 


Finding the right place to stay is one of the biggest challenges that travelers face. If you’re traveling with a group, it is easy to book an entire villa or apartment and split the rent. However, that’s not the case while traveling alone. Couchsurfing application allows travelers to find local hosts in the city of their choice. It is the best way to find a comfortable stay with like-minded locals and visit tourist attractions with them. The app allows users to search for hosts and travelers by entering the city. Travelers can post details about their visit beforehand on the application to find potential hosts. This app is for those solo backpackers who don’t mind staying with a local and saving some cash. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re planning to travel solo any time soon, then you can make use of the applications mentioned above. Solo travel has been peaking people’s interests recently due to the increase in assistance and facilities online, making it easy and comfortable. It serves as a beautiful opportunity to know and understand yourself better, as well as the world around you. So make use of the technology and make some astonishing memories with fellow backpackers. Travel World VR Launches Virtual Reality App

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