Top 7 Well-Known Logos Around the World

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A business uses Logo in order to represent its products, services, publications and ideas. It can be in any form like name, symbol, mark or any other small design. An efficient logo helps in differentiating your business from others. It is the most memorable thing by which people can identify you. Several businessestake the help of Logo to make themselves well known and remembered.

Logo designers are in high demand nowadays, however, you can hire your own too froma different place like Logo designer Melbourne, New York, Texas and many more. Here are the top 7 Logos that are most recognized.

1. Pepsi

Pepsi is one of the most notable food, snacks and beveragebrands amongst all. It is well-known due to its refreshing and chilling taste. Its Logo is made in such a manner that makes it more innovative and recognised all around the world.Initially, it was known for its beverages but now there are several scrumptious snacks available in the market. Lays, Doritos and Cheetos are some of the best snacks of the Pepsi Company.

2. KFC

KFC stands for Kentucky Fried Chicken and is a food brand. It is notable due to its tempting flavours in Crispy fried Chicken, Chicken burgers, French fries, Chicken fillers, Crispy fried fish, Fish burgers and so on.Its logo has an old man, who is the owner of KFC company. The logo creator of this brandhasshown incredible skills ever. The exciting thing about KFC is that its products are reasonable and can be consumed by anybody. It has now expanded its menu with a good variety and quality of tempting food.

3. Audi

Audi is a famous Car brand and is known due to its incredible features. Its logo is consisting of four rings which makes it distinct from other brands.Its logo signifies the solid unity of four companies, which teams up to create an innovative Audi’s Predecessor Company.

4. Apple

Who does not know about Apple nowadays? It is an American multinational technology company. The logo of Apple company is a bite of an apple which indicates that it’s the shape of an apple and any other fruit like cherry, tomato and so on. Its logo creator has made it in such a unique way that it is known worldwide

5. Nike

Nike is a sports equipment brand. Its unique Logo and Products made renownall around the world. Its innovative logo is a ‘swoosh’ which indicates the speed of light, motivation, movement and power. Initially, it came with the name of ‘Blue Ribbon Sports’ but with the evolution of time, it became Nike later. The reason behind their success is their focus on athletes’needs in each sport.

6. Toyota

Toyota is a famous Car brand. Its logo is designed incredibly. If you see a Toyota logo, you will realize it has all the alphabets of Toyota. Its unique and attractive logo made it notable.Toyota has a huge range of cars like Corolla, Yaris, Blizzard, Paseo and so on. It produces vehicles under 5 brands that are Hino, Lixus, Ranz, Daihatsu and Toyota the brand itself.

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