Top Dawg Announces The Winner For Kendrick Vs Drake Rap Feud

The Drake vs. Kendrick Lamar feud is literally off the charts right now. From shots fired at Drake’s house to Kendrick revealing that Drake has a secret daughter, and Drake alleging that Kendrick ambushed his wife, the information is heavy and the internet is buzzing with it. This has caused a massive stir online, leading to things going crazy.

Top Dawg Announces The Winner

So, in this feud, Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith is also involved, as he’s the producer of Kendrick. In a song, Drake brought up Top Dawg and said that he takes too much money from Kendrick. Despite what Drake said in his rap, Top Dawg has always sided with Kendrick in his work adventures.

So, on May 10th, Top Dawg declared that Kendrick won the rap battle as he kept the feud all about the music and not personal stuff like Drake did. He also informed things to the magazines and websites and all.

Kendrick opted out of Top Dawg Entertainment in May 2022 to start with his record label. Even though he did so, he was cool with people from TDE, and all of them supported Kendrick in this moment of chaos he was going through.

Top Dawg has also used this newfound traction to advertise its special album release for its 20th anniversary. The feud has gained traction online, which is helpful for marketing and audience growth. Top Dawg has used his reign the right way!

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