Top Digital Team-Building Activities That Normalizes Remote Working

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Digital Team-Building Activities – Keeping the workforce engaged and motivated is perhaps the most challenging when the team is working remotely. There is a lack of communication, employers tend to slide away from checking in with their employees, and added distractions hinder the work quantity and quality. 

This is where the role of an HR comes into the picture. HRs must be quick on their toes and have the problem-solving traits to deal with disputes they come across. As HRs, it is also their responsibility to make sure employees engage with their teams and coworkers.

There are several team-building activities that you can initiate even when remote working is the way of organization. These activities ensure that there is harmony amongst employees, and they are engaging with the team. This is needed to provide an excellent remote working experience. 

Here are a few of the team-building activities that you can carry out to keep them connected and lift their morale. 

  • Online team training sessions 

Nothing shouts team-building louder than a competitive environment for your employees. For this, you can initiate training and assessment sessions for your workforce. 

To create and execute your training content, you can use a learning management system or an LMS. This tool is a cloud-based platform with which you can also track the progress of your employees.

This tool also enables you to host live-instructor online training where they can have discussions, clear their doubts, and learn from the instructor as well as from the queries of their teammates. Moreover, you can also divide your employees into groups. Then, create an assessment between teams that will enable them to bond with each other. 

The best LMS that you can consider investing in is iSpring Suite. This is a supercharged content development tool that can help you create training sessions easily, especially when it comes to creating engaging and interesting content.

  • Arrange virtual short breaks

It is plausible that your employees miss those short coffee breaks between work with their colleagues. You can bring that experience online. Consider arranging short virtual coffee breaks in between work. This will help them engage with each other and share a few laughs. 

You can encourage each employee to sit with their cups and engage in informal communication. Digital Team-Building Activities, This bridges the gap between employees and brings them together. 

Such breaks can also help your employees to rejuvenate, gain back their energy, and bounce back with greater productivity.

  • Organize visual onboarding sessions 

It is not just your older employees that need team-building sessions to feel like a part of the organization but also the new ones. 

The onboarding process is perhaps the most crucial process to retain new employees. It is best to arrange a video onboarding session with the new hires’ teammates. This way, both the current employees and the new one can get to know each other better. 

It also makes the new hires more confident and comfortable when they start working with the team in the future. 

  • Discussions over lunch 

Just like coffee breaks, lunches also played a significant role in helping your employees socialize. Socializing with teammates and colleagues is extremely substantial in maintaining a healthy work environment. 

You can arrange for a meeting and virtual lunch for your employees every once in a while. This will make your employees enjoy the experience of having lunch together virtually while engaging in discussions on important matters or just enjoy a fun chat. 


It is the responsibility of leaders and HRs to ensure that the workforce feels connected with the organization to retain them. This is where team-building activities play a significant role. These activities provide that the employees are not feeling disconnected and often bond with their teammates. 

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