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Top Shopping hubs in the Bong Capital

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Kolkata is a place, that is the best place for street shopping and food. Before any sort of function, one has to go for a shopping haul at these places. More than the marriage halls in Kolkata, one visits this shopping hub before their wedding.

1.   New Market

It is one of the oldest shopping areas in Kolkata, one can easily say that New Market or Esplanade is a shopper’s paradise. The rush is much more here as the shoppers are always excited but one can easily find a range of products starting from shoes, sarees, flowers, bags, and even foods.

All the shops are clustered like a block making it more orderly. Basically New Market offers everything that has to offer.

Esplanade also offers some of the finest marriage halls in Kolkata that offer top-notch services starting from decoration to catering.

2.   Gariahat

This place is a major attraction for every shopper in Kolkata. Gariahat Market is spread along a long stretch of roads with shops selling a huge collection of clothes, jewelry, and electronic items. There are also makeshift tents in addition to big shops where they sell products at a much lesser cost.

The sight is amazing with so many products just outside the stores with all those dancing lights. There are also a bunch of restaurants where anyone can go and grab a bite between shopping.

In Gariahat too you will get some of the best marriage halls in Kolkata and the service you will receive here is impeccable.

3.   Hatibagan

This place is famous for its amazing cotton sarees. It was also once famous for different birds and animals sold. The market now sells the best cotton and silk sarees at an affordable price and is a one-stop destination for any saree shoppers.

The place is extremely crowded in the evenings and on holidays. You can buy all the marriage items here if the wedding is in your list as nearby to this place you will get some star marriage halls in Kolkata to make your dream day the most successful one.

4.   College Street

College street is undoubtedly a heaven for every bibliophile. College street is the largest book market in India. One can get rare volumes of books at budget-friendly prices. The place is also the World’s largest second-hand book market. There is also an incredibly old coffee house by the name Indian Coffee House and one can easily have nostalgic feelings by grabbing a cup of coffee. 

5.   Dakshinapan

The shopping center in Kolkata is world-famous for its collection of handicraft items. There are many emporiums that offer different goods at varying prices. You also have the option to buy clothes at lower prices that fits your budget.

The tea shops here have 20 different flavors of fruit tea to welcome you. There are also many options for gifts at this place especially for tourists who want to take something back home for memories. This place is also home to some of the spectacular marriage halls in Kolkata and one can easily book if marriage is in their mind. You surely won’t be disappointed with the hospitality and service here.

6.   Bara Bazar

One of the oldest wholesale markets, Burrabazar is located near the M.G Road metro. The market is one of the largest and is home to the major rush during the festival season. The market is divided into four major parts- Tulapatti, Fancypatti, Dhotipatti, and Chinipatti. They all have similar kinds of items that are there to sell. The festival season brings massive celebrations on roads with sweets and a different range of items including clothes and footwear.

7.   Chowringhee Road

This place is perfect to shop for the Terracotta items which is a specialty in Kolkata. You can literally get anything starting from funky to traditional shopping to marriage items and many more. You will have so many options here that you will need a lot of time to finally select the one you really like.

The one thing here is that those who are good at bargaining, they will surely make the most out of this place. Near to this place, there are also some of the stunning marriage halls in Kolkata. You can easily shop here and book a wedding hall to have the best day of your life.

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