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TRAI releases guidelines for enhancing efficiency in M2M eSIM industry




TRAI issues recommendations to streamline M2M eSIM sector

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has released recommendations for the regulatory landscape of M2M eSIM in India. With the rollout of 5G services, there are increased opportunities in sectors like agriculture, transportation, healthcare, and industrial automation. The focus is on security through proper KYC and promoting competition.

The TRAI’s recommendations include a framework for profile switching of eSIMs and swapping of SM-SR, providing flexibility to users and promoting competition. The Department of Telecommunications had sought these recommendations to stimulate growth in the M2M eSIM segment and develop a homegrown ecosystem in India.

One key feature is that all communication profiles on imported devices with M2M eSIM on international roaming in India must be converted/reconfigured to profiles of Indian TSPs within six months. OEMs and M2MSPs can choose profiles for M2M eSIMs in devices imported to India. The use of 901.XX IMSI series for M2M services in India is not permitted at this stage.


“Implementation of these recommendations will promote orderly growth in the M2M eSIM segment and stimulate the development of a homegrown ecosystem in India,” said the TRAI. The focus is on security, flexibility, and promoting competition in the M2M eSIM sector in the country.

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