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Trains Are Set Ablaze, Stations Vandalized In Bihar and Uttar Pradesh As Part Of Agnipath Protests




Agnipath Protests have erupted across Bihar and Uttar Pradesh in response to the latest military recruiting policy. The demonstrations had also expanded to the BJP-ruled states of Haryana and Madhya Pradesh.

As protests over the latest military recruiting policy, Agnipath, started their third day today, rioters set railways on flames in Bihar And Uttar Pradesh. The initiative has been supported by the government, which has described it as “transformative.”.

Railways Set Ablaze Due To Agnipath Scheme

For the third time today, railways were set ablaze, and government and government vehicles were damaged in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, due to protests against a new recruiting plan that has sparked a conflagration.


A mob stormed a railway line in Ballia this afternoon, setting fire to a train and severe harm to station infrastructure before being dispersed by police.

Another gang of protestors with sticks clashed with the cops outside the train station in the eastern Uttar Pradesh district. Young guys with lathis are seen destroying stores and tables at the train station in videos from the demonstration. “The cops were able to prevent the crowd from causing widespread destruction. We’re going to go after the men”, According to Saumya Agarwal, the Ballia District Magistrate.

Officials told NDTV that two cars of the Jammu Tawi Express train went up in flames at Mohiuddinagar station in Bihar, but no one was injured.


Protest Movements Due To Agnipath Scheme

Protest movements have erupted across Bihar in response to the new military recruiting policy. The demonstrations had also expanded to the BJP-ruled Haryana and Madhya Pradesh. Following masonry and rioting by rioters in Haryana’s Palwal region, telephone, broadband, and SMS services have been suspended for 24 hours.

On Tuesday, the government implemented Agnipath, a “transcendent” system for recruiting personnel in the Army, Navy, and Air Force, mostly on a four-year temporary job basis.

The duration of service, the lack of pension benefits for those released soon, and the 17.5 to 21-year age limit that now leaves many of them invalid are among the issues that activists are upset with.


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