Here’s What TikTok Trend, ‘When Your Card Declines At Therapy’ Means

While scrolling through your feed, you might have come across a video that has the phrase, ‘When Your Card Declines At Therapy,’ which at most times has given you a personal attack. Well, we’re here to explain the meaning behind this very personal TikTok trend now.

TikTok goes through many trends throughout the day. A while back, the ‘take a look at my girlfriend’ trend gained a lot of footage because it was Valentine’s week. If you wanna know more about that trend, you can check out our coverage on that here.

Meaning of ‘when your card declines at therapy’ TikTok Trend

However, the current trend is way more niche and particular than any other. Let’s break it down first. Therapy means a mental counseling session where people visit to get things off their heads and chests. It is generally associated with ‘feeling light’ and improving oneself internally.

Now the ‘When Your Card Declines At Therapy’ trend is about taking a dig at that. After therapy, one is supposed to make the payment, by cash or card. Most people go for digitalized payment these days by opting for card payment, right? Hence if your card declines after your therapy session, the therapist might just remind you about something that scarred you as a child and is the primary reason you’re seeking help in your adulthood.

Thus, remembering that will reverse the effect the session had on you, and you’ll again have the same weight that you have been carrying all this while in your chest. Well, the “When Your Card Declines At Therapy” trend is kind of mean, it is funny to cope with the bad part by charging on the internet and moving past it. After all, as human beings, we’re known to over-share everything on social media just for mere validation!

Might be too personal, but it’s fun to feel acknowledged.

(Some of the statements made in this article are the writer’s personal opinions and are included just to put some humor on board.)

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