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(Adults Only) 11 Best Tripti Berra Web Series To Watch Alone

Tripti Berra is a well-known actress for online web series. Tripti has worked in sensual works and soft porn, basically catered to adults. Tripti has worked on platforms like ULLU, Voovi, Wow, Primeple Play, and more.

Below, we have mentioned 11 Tripti Berra web series for you to check out and stream alone at night!

Top Tripti Berra Web Series:

1. Tota

Sony gets to know the secret behind his aunt through the parrot at his house, which makes them get closer to each other. The cast includes Rajsi Verma, Hiten Sharma, and Bharat Bhatia. Watch it on, ULLU.

Image Credit: @tripti_berra/Instagram
Cast:Rajsi Verma, Hiten Sharma, and Bharat Bhatia
Crew:Director: Humayun Shabbar Abbas

2. Nau Do Gyarah

Janci and Raj go through a very toxic relationship. However, when Rajanvi’s ex comes back into her life, things take a bad turn. Watch it on, ULLU. Starring, Zoya Rathore, Bhavesh Kantaria, Ranveer Singh.

Image Credit: @tripti_berra/Instagram
Cast:Zoya Rathore, Bhavesh Kantaria, Ranveer Singh
Crew:Director: Rafat Abbas Ali

3. Chhatri

A salesman tries the goods he sells before selling them. But one day, this pitch of his changes his life. Can be watched on, Bull. The cast includes Tripti Berra, Gaurav Singh, and Malvika Tomar.

Image Credit: @tripti_berra/Instagram
Cast:Tripti Berra, Gaurav Singh, and Malvika Tomar
Crew:Director: RK

4. Lodam Bhabhi

Lodam is a very sociable girl. She teaches other girls to sew, and all the other men around her end up liking her and trying to win her love for marriage. Watch it on Rabbit. The cast includes Malika Chanda, Tripti Berra, and Harry Khatri.

Image Credit: @tripti_berra/Instagram
Cast:Malika Chanda, Tripti Berra, and Harry Khatri
Crew:Director: atyam Srivastava, Parvez Alam

5. Balma

Balma tries her best to find a partner for herself. Meanwhile, Rashili is in love with Bhola, but Bhola is in love with Balma and Komal at the same time. The marriage of this love triangle is the essence of the story. Watch it on, Jalva. Starring, Tripti Berra, Amar Hotwani, Anupam Gahoi.

Image Credit: @tripti_berra/Instagram
Cast:Tripti Berra, Amar Hotwani, Anupam Gahoi
Crew:Director: Punit Goyal

6. Mukhiyaa

Lavanya and Avantika are both in the same rented house. Meanwhile, the landlord is kind of head over heels for them, and they figure out a way to handle that situation. Watch it on, Hulchul. Starring, Malvika TomarShubhangi SharmaTripti Berra.

Cast:Malvika TomarShubhangi SharmaTripti Berra
Crew:Director: Soon Update

7. Khoda Hostel Nikla Ladka

A guy who disguised himself as a girl got admission to a girls’ hostel. However, one night, he gets caught doing something by the girls. The cast includes Prashant Yadav, Nikita Bhardwaj, and Tripti Berra. Watch it on, Hunters.

Image Credit: @tripti_berra/Instagram
Cast:Prashant Yadav, Nikita Bhardwaj, and Tripti Berra
Crew:Director: S. Rao

8. Aakhri Iccha

Dr. Ditu and Dr. Kishore are in the same hospital. However, a patient arrives who is dying with a wish that only the doctors can fulfill. Can be watched on, PrimePlay. Starring, Malvika Tomar, Rups Khan, Gyanendra Bharti.

Image Credit: @tripti_berra/Instagram
Cast:Malvika Tomar, Rups Khan, Gyanendra Bharti
Crew:Director: Soon Update

9. Malik

A girl in the village developed a relationship with the head of the village for a job. That relationship turns out to be a doom for her. Watch it on, BesharaThe castCast includes Kamal Krishna Poudyal, Ritu Pandey, and Malvika Tomar.

Image Credit: @tripti_berra/Instagram
Cast:Kamal Krishna Poudyal, Ritu Pandey, and Malvika Tomar
Crew:Director: Firoj Khan

10. Yaddasht

Manjari and Sanjay are both married. However, one night, they both end up sleeping with other people in secret, hoping that their partners never find out about their adulterous relationship. Watch it on, Hunters. Cast includes Tripti Berra, Ashraf Saifee, and Priyanka Chaurasia.

Image Credit: @tripti_berra/Instagram
Cast:Tripti Berra, Ashraf Saifee, and Priyanka Chaurasia
Crew:Director: Soon Update

11. Ek Raat

Two girls in a relationship share the same room in the PG. One night, they both need their boyfriends, but they can’t go out. So, they lean on each other for support and satisfaction. Watch it on Kangan. Cast includes, Kamalika Chanda, Tripti Berra, Payal Patil.

Image Credit: @tripti_berra/Instagram
Cast:Kamalika Chanda, Tripti Berra, Payal Patil
Crew:Director: Firoj Khan

Wiki Biodata

Here’s a concise biodata table for Tripti Berra based on the important information provided:

Full NameTripti Berra
Famous ForRoles in OTT series
Age (as of 2024)34 Years
Date of BirthJuly 26, 1989
BirthplaceMumbai, India
Height162 cm / 1.62 m / 5’4″
Weight55 kg / 121 lbs
Figure Measurements35-29-38 Inches
Eye ColourBlack
Hair ColourBlack
Net Worth (approx.)1 Cr INR
Instagram Handle@tripti_berra


What are some notable web series featuring Tripti Berra?

Tripti Berra is known for her roles in “Malik,” “Yaddasht,” “Dhoka,” “Mukhiyaa,” as well as “Shilpa Ka Shikaar.”

What is Tripti Berra’s net worth?

Her estimated net worth is around 1 crore INR.

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