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Two Delhi school buses catch fire while parked

On Sunday afternoon, a fire broke out at R.D. Rajpal Public School in Dwarka, engulfing two buses parked at the premises. The Delhi Fire Service received a call at 2.53 p.m. and sent eight fire tenders to the location to tackle the blaze. The reason for the fire is still unknown as the operation continues.

A senior DFS official stated, “The reason behind the fire is yet to be ascertained. Operation is going on.” The incident has left many questions unanswered as to what caused the fire in the buses parked at the school. Further details are yet to be revealed as the investigation progresses.

The fire at the school in Dwarka’s Sector 9 has raised concerns about safety measures in place to prevent such incidents. With no clear explanation for the fire, it remains crucial for authorities to thoroughly investigate the matter and ensure the safety of school premises. Stay tuned for updates as more information becomes available on the situation.

As the operation to extinguish the fire continues, the community awaits answers regarding the cause of the fire. The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of fire safety protocols and vigilance in educational institutions. The impact of the fire on the school and the extent of damage caused are yet to be determined.


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