UAE May Extend Flight Suspension for Different Countries Amid COVID Crisis

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The United Arab Emirates-based airline Etihad Airways stated that the flight suspension from several countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka might be extended beyond 7 August. 

Last month UAE flag carrier airline Eithad Airways announced that the flight operation from South Asian countries (Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka) would remain closed till 7 august.

According to recent updates, on Wednesday, the carrier said that the suspension from Pakistan and India had been extended until further notice.

What are the Recent Updates?

“As per the latest directives from the UAE government, the travelling of passengers from Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India to UAE has been suspended until 7, August 2021 by Eithad Airways network. Also, note, this is an evolving condition, and this flight suspension may extend by UAE government mandates,” stated the carrier in Khaleej Times.

Dubai-based Emirates Airline also reported the suspension of incoming pre-scheduled flights from south Asian countries, i.e., India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, to Dubai, till 7 August at least. Any forward extension of flights from these countries is under review.

However, the UAE Emirates airways are not allowed to carry travellers from Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh, but UAE nationality holders, official business delegations, diplomats, and Golden Visa holders are free from the entry restriction of UAE.

But there is a condition for all these passengers they will be subjected to quarantine and accept terms and conditions. Etihad Airways said that the cargo flight would continue to operate from both directions without any impact. 

The flight operation to UAE from 16 countries, including Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and India, will remain suspended until any further notification from UAE government authorities. The Emirates Airline also said that they are working closely with their impacted passengers to notify them about any change in a flight scheduled.

Safety Condition for Flight Extend:

Moreover, the UAE government has permitted eighteen categories of passengers to travel to the Gulf state of UAE from the countries where the passenger flights are restricted due to the restrictions of Covid19. According to Khaleej Times, the latest addition to the restriction-free categories is Dubai Expo 2020.

As mentioned in the safety circular issued by the General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) of the United Arab Emirates last week, the travelling restriction-free passengers and the Flight attendants in COVID have to follow all COVID 19 safety measurements, including ten days’ quarantine period. 

The exempted traveller may also get cheap flights from Oaxaca to UAE, but they have to abide by coronavirus safety measurements. They have to submit a negative COVID 19 report within 48 hours of the flight departure date. But it should be noted that the test should be performed by an authorized laboratory, and the report results must also have a QR code.

The exempted passengers also have to take done PCR (Covid19) test on four to eight days of arrival as per the guidelines of safety officials. They also have to be quarantined for ten days and must wear tracking or monitoring devices such as a health monitoring watch or band.

Final Verdict: 

Furthermore, the flight operation from south Asian countries like Nepal, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh to UAE will remain suspended until any further notice. The passengers who have travelled to all these countries before the last 14 days of their UAE flight are not allowed to travel to the UAE.

However, UAE nationals, diplomatic, Official delegations, Emirati Golden Visa holders are free from this travel restriction. Moreover, the cargo flight will continue to operate as per schedule from both directions. UAE-based airways announce on their official social media accounts the possibility to extend this flight operation suspension.

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