‘Udaariyaan’ helped Aditi Bhagat master the art of on-screen romance

Aditi Bhagat, who portrays Aasma in ‘Udaariyaan’, shared her experience of learning to do romantic scenes on-screen. She mentioned finding them difficult yet enjoyable, expressing her gratitude for the opportunity to work on the popular show. The show has also given her the chance to do action sequences, a new experience for her.

Aditi admitted that shooting romantic scenes for the first time in ‘Udaariyaan’ was a learning curve for her. Despite finding it challenging to maintain a straight face, she believes in being prepared to tackle any scene as an actor. She expressed her satisfaction with her performance in such scenes, highlighting the importance of dedication in her craft.

Moreover, the actress expressed her excitement about doing fight sequences, a genre she never imagined doing on TV. She mentioned her love for her job and the thrill of playing the lead role in the show. Aditi’s dedication to her work motivates her to come to the set every day, showcasing her passion for acting.

Aditi’s commitment to her job is such that she wishes she could live on the sets. Despite being away from her family in Chandigarh due to her busy work schedule, she appreciates the love and support she receives from her fans and colleagues. As ‘Udaariyaan’ continues to captivate audiences, Aditi’s hard work and dedication to her character shine through on screen.


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