12 Best Ullu Web Series To Download and Watch Over The Weekend (2023)

Best Ullu Web Series – Ullu always comes to the rescue when we want to watch something fun, thrilling, and exciting. The weekend is around the corner and of course, we’re all looking for something to chill around with. So grab some popcorn and juice, and get things moving! Download the below-mentioned ullu series in advance to check it all out without any interruption and have a blast of a weekend!

12 Ullu Web Series To Download:

1. ‘Rain Basera

A group member falls in love with a girl, but their relationship takes a dark turn when a film is used as a form of blackmail. As the girl’s husband learns of her affair and the dramatic results that follow, the plot thickens.

2. ‘Malai Part 2

When Renu’s father-in-law hears about his arrival, he becomes discouraged and enters her room with a dubious motive. Later, Renu enters and inquires about her father-in-law’s presence because she senses that they have similar desires.

3. ‘Badan Part 2

Nikki has a strong bond with Ashwin, but when Ashwin learns some of Nikki’s secrets, he is shocked. One can download this ullu web series easily for free from several third-party websites.

4. ‘Malai’

The web series centers on a husband who goes away from home, which inspires the wife’s brother-in-law and uncle to exploit the circumstance and pursue the wife.

5. ‘Badan

A young boy and girl who meet in a club, spend the night together, and then fight to find each other again are the subjects of the web series. When the boy learns the girl is married, the plot twist happens.

6. ‘Secretary Part 2

The boss and office secretary are the main characters of the series, but things take a turn when the secretary decides to leave her work and the boss extends an invitation to his home, setting up a potentially dangerous encounter.

7. ‘Secretary’

The web series follows a couple, an office secretary, her boss, a junior boss, and two pals in an engaging plot. It explores the covert romance between the secretary and her employer, which raises questions and takes unexpected turns. Download the latest ullu web series for free.

8. ‘Mohan Chabhiwala

The web series “Mohan Chabhiwala” tells the tale of a key manufacturer who makes copies of keys to steal from residences. However, things take an unexpected turn when he begins to blackmail a woman after filming an intimate moment.

9. ‘Love Guru Season 2 Part 2

The second installment of the web series follows the story of a mother’s forbidden love for her daughter’s fiancé. When the daughter learns of their sentiments, a twist occurs, and she turns to a love guru for advice.

10. ‘Khidki

A sting operation and blackmail are at the center of the web series, which features several performers and has a multifaceted plot.

11. ‘Farebi Yaar Part 3

Kamal extends a home invitation to Rajat. Rajat teaches Kamal how to appease his wife, but problems arise when Nikhat expresses interest in him and Kamal’s wife begins to feel a connection to Rajat.

12. ‘Watchman Part 3

Focuses on the relationships between the women who live in the society and the crafty society watchman. Stream or Dowload the erotic ullu web series for free.

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