UN Chief Condemns Iran’s Attack on Israel; Emergency Session of UNSC Summoned

The United Nations Security Council will meet in an emergency session to discuss Iran’s recent attack on Israel with drones and missiles. Guterres condemned the escalation, urging restraint to prevent further conflict in the Middle East. The attack follows a cycle of violence in the region.

Iran claimed the attack was in retaliation for Israel’s strike on its diplomatic mission in Syria, while Israel stated that most of the missiles launched were intercepted. The conflict coincided with Israel’s military action in Gaza and skirmishes with Hezbollah on the northern border.

Iran invoked its right to self-defense under the UN Charter but also suggested that the matter could be considered resolved. General Assembly President Francis expressed concern about tensions escalating and expected Iran to abide by its word. Israel called for condemnation of Iran and designation of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist organization.

The Council’s ability to act on the attacks may be hampered by polarization, similar to the previous incident involving Israel and Iran in Syria. Guterres had also criticized Israel’s attack on Iranian diplomatic premises and casualties, emphasizing the importance of respecting international laws on diplomatic relations.


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