UN report reveals over 1 billion meals wasted daily by households worldwide

Households waste over 1 billion meals a day globally in 2022, as per the UN Environment Programme report. Food waste impacts economy, climate change, and nature loss. Majority of waste occurs at household level, with 60% of total wasted food. Developing countries lack adequate systems for tracking progress on food waste reduction.

UNEP report highlights the urgent need to address food waste at individual and systemic levels. Globally, food waste amounts to 1.05 billion tonnes, with 132 kg per capita wasted. Only a few G20 countries have suitable estimates for tracking progress on food waste reduction. Data shows that food waste generates significant greenhouse gas emissions, biodiversity loss, and economic costs.

Countries like Japan and the UK have shown progress in reducing food waste through policies and partnerships. Urban areas are poised to benefit from food waste reduction efforts, while rural areas waste less food due to diversion to pets, livestock, and home composting. It is crucial for countries to consistently measure and report food waste to track changes over time.

The high levels of food waste impact global goals, climate targets, and economic losses. Addressing food waste at the household level is essential to reduce its detrimental impacts on the environment and economy. The report underlines the importance of integrating food waste reduction in national climate plans to raise climate ambition and achieve sustainable development goals by 2030.

Overall, food waste continues to be a pressing global issue that requires urgent action at all levels of society. By prioritizing food waste reduction and implementing effective strategies, countries can make significant progress in mitigating the impacts of food waste on the environment, economy, and society.


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