Uncutmasti.com – 10 Ullu Web Series to Download

Uncutmasti.com– The third part app offer a wide range of content to download in high quality. All the web series are derived from relevant sources. Listed below are some of the best ullu web series to download from Uncutmasti. Keep scrolling- 

Top ullu web series to download from Uncutmasti.com

1. Dream Girl

Bharti Jha and Pooja Poddar have been cast in the leading role. Apart from that, Farhan Ansari and Himanshu Sharma will also be seen in the supporting role. Raifee a renowned director has directed the web series, giving it a smart vision.  

2. Jaanch Padtaal Desi Kisse

The web series is about a naive girl named Kamla who loves her boyfriend and wants to marry her. One day her father sets an arranged marriage for her, leaving her heartbroken. Plus, in her in-law’s house, her virginity will be checked on her first wedding night. Watch how the drama unfolds.  

3. Devrani Jethani Aur Woh

Devrani Jethani Aur Woh

A casanova Sarju loves to flirt with the ladies of his village. Soon he meets Guncha and fell in love with her. But is a bit hesitant to marry her. Watch if he will ever give a commitment to her or just use her for fun. Download this latest ullu web series for free from Uncutmasti.com

4. Rikshawala


A sweet love story between a girl and rikshawala. Heartbroken and disappointed Nidhi is looking to end her life. Meanwhile, Riskshawala saves her and gives her emotional support and love starts to blossom. The web series has many ups and downs that will keep you engaged. 

5. Rain Basera

Rain Basera

Stunning actress Bharti Jha will be seen in the leading role alongside Hiral Radadiya. Soon after its release, the ullu app saw a significant amount of subscribers increase. Plus because of her bold performance on screen, Bharti Jha has garnered quite a fanbase on social media platforms. 

6. Malai


A married couple’s blissful life comes to an end when the husband has to leave town due to some work. Behind her husband’s back, she starts sleeping with her brother-in-law. Additionally, Mamaji arrives in the scenes and starts to find ways to attract his bahu towards him. 

7. Badan

Uncutmasti.com - Badan - Ullu Web Series

Two teenager meets in a nightclub. Both start to fall for each other in a single night. The next day, the boy realised he forgot to take the girl’s number and start looking for her everywhere with his friend. Upon meeting her, it is revealed that girl is married and lives with her husband. Stream this web series for free on Uncutmasti.com

8. Secretary

Uncutmasti.com Ullu Web Series

A determined guy never gets what he desires. After working for years the promotion goes to his colleagues. His boss has his eyes on his wife. Soon the guy decides to use his wife to satisfy his boss and get the promotion he always aspires. Watch the web series to know what happens next. 

9. Mohan Chabhiwala


Mohan, a Chabhiwala uses fake keys to enter people’s houses and steal money and jewellery. One day while stealing he finds a woman in a compromising situation and decides to record it and later use it to blackmail her. 

10. Namak


The couple is struggling in their marriage because of the husband’s gambling addiction. He decides to sell his wife to his boss in order to get the promotion. The story takes a drastic turn when the boss starts to blackmail them with a recorded video. 

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