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‘Uninstall Instagram’ Trends On Twitter As Hashtag Gets Banned On The Media Platform

The internet is buzzing with one thing that is now catching the attention of many these days.

The incident from Reasi, where terrorists attacked pilgrims in Jammu and Kashmir, is all over the internet now.

‘Uninstall Instagram’ Trending Online As Hashtag Gets Banned

The bus was carrying people from one temple to another and when the bus was in Reasi, they were attacked by terrorists, resulting in the falling of the Bus into a deep gorge. 10 pilgrims lost their lives in this horrific incident while 33 others were severely injured.

‘#AllEyesOnReasi’ Trending on Twitter

After the incident, the hashtag has been taken as a reference to the issue that has been happening in Palestine currently.

A few days back, the tag ‘All Eyes On Rafah‘ also went viral on social media, which also brought in heavy debate online. Now the same tag has become a sign of massacre, social, and political issues.

However, things started taking a turn when the hashtag started getting hidden. The hashtag stopped showing up on Instagram and people are enraged for the same. Netizens have started thinking that Instagram is infringing the freedom of speech.

After that, there are conversations about how people should uninstall Instagram, because of how the social media platform has removed a sociological and politically correct statement.

People suggested new hashtags that included bringing in the Reasi topic so that Instagram does not have to block it out yet the audiences can talk about the same topic online.

This move of not letting the hashtag show, according to people, is a very controversial move by Instagram.

By doing so, Instagram is now preventing people from having their voice online, not letting people talk freely.

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