7 Best Unique Places to Visit in Indiana (2023)

Unique places to visit in Indiana – The North American State is a fun place to visit and experience a new adventure. If you happen to be visiting the state then listed below are a few unique places to visit in Indiana. 

Top Unique Places to Visit in Indiana

1. Market Street Catacombs, Indianapolis

Unique Places to Visit in Indiana

A hidden key attraction in Indiana, and one of the few tunnels in the United States that still exist. If you live in the city or visited then surely you must have eaten in the cafe or restaurant located in the infamous City Market in Indianapolis. It is basically a long stretch of interconnected passageways that were built hundreds of years ago. These tunnels were used to transport items like meat etc in cooler surrounding to keep them fresh. 

2. Bluespring Caverns Park, Bedford

Bluespring Caverns, Bedford

Well, Bluespring Caverns in Bedford is the longest underground river in the country and home to many species of aquatic as well as albino animals. If you are looking for a cool and dark spot between nature then these caverns are right on your alley. It first came into the limelight in the 19th century when wide limestone caverns stretch over the river making a moist, cool place.

3. Indiana Medical History Museum, Indianapolis

Indiana Medical History Museum, Indianapolis

It was situated in Central State Hospital for mentally ill patients thus making the whole place eerie feeling. Now the museum has been able to preserve many of its instruments such as vintage tools from the old times. Here you will also find autopsy rooms, laboratories, and old archives that are surely worth your time. 

4. Knightridge Space Observatory, Bloomington

Knightridge Space Observatory, Bloomington

The observatory was built somewhere between 1936 and 1937. A simple telescope dome with two rooms with two floors. The upper room has a four-ton telescope that is placed looking over the retractable window. From the outside, the observatory was made of solid brick whereas the inside was made purely out of wood.

5. Periodic Table Display, Greencastle

Periodic Table Display, Greencastle

If you are a nerd or science lover then this is a holy grail to you. It is crafted by Max Whitby and Theodore Gray. It is displayed at the University of Greencastle, Indiana. All the elements of the universe are present here in the giant strategically designed box which is available to the public. 

6. Mooresville’s Gravity Hill, Mooresville

Mooresville’s Gravity Hill, Mooresville

East Keller Hill Road in Mooresville, Indiana is a mysterious place to be around because it is opposed to gravity and everything goes UP. Basically, it is an optical illusion but the legends have a different opinion. If you are looking for a cool place to check out with friends and have a great time then this is a cool place to try. 

7. Rose Island, Charlestown

Rose Island, Charlestown

An absolute heaven during summer. It was once called ‘Fern Grove’ and was purchased by David Rose. He added many key attractions to the recreational park, making it a perfect place to visit. It was opened in 1923 and consists of a roller coaster, a swimming pool, a small zoo, hotel. 

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