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UP Government Departments to be Charged for Police Services Utilized

Lucknow, April 5 (IANS) Commercial government departments in Lucknow, including UP Housing and Development Board, Lucknow Development Authority (LDA) and irrigation, will now be required to pay for police services during eviction drives and other activities from which they earn revenue. The Lucknow police commissionerate has issued a comprehensive circular to standardize rates for police force deployment in the government sector. Quoting the Police Regulation Act, a senior officer affirmed the necessity of charging for these services.

The fee structure encompasses all categories of police forces, including civil, traffic, and armed units. According to the established rules, commercial government departments will be obliged to pay for police services required for commercial activities involving revenue. Government departments will be charged the equivalent of one day’s average salary for police personnel deployed at events. In cases where the presence is less than four hours or exceeds 12 hours, the respective DCP zone will determine the appropriate fees.

Explaining the process, the police officer added that first the department concerned will have to ask the zone DCP in advance and submit the amount in the treasury or as per the discretion of the DCP. Thereafter, a receipt will be given to those taking the services. Additional secretary of LDA, Gyanendra Verma, stated that they are yet to receive communication regarding these charges. This move follows a similar notification issued for private organizations requiring police services for events like weddings.

Senior police officers justified the implementation and emphasized that police regulations and government orders mandate fees for services provided at government events. The move is aimed at ensuring that commercial government departments bear the cost of police services that are utilized for revenue-generating activities. The circular aims to standardize the rates for police force deployment and streamline the process of charging for services provided by the police to commercial government departments in Lucknow.


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