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UP schools to display photos of teachers on notice boards to verify proxies

In a move to combat teacher absenteeism and the use of proxies, the Uttar Pradesh government has mandated the display of all teaching staff’s photographs in public schools. The initiative aims to easily distinguish between real teachers and substitutes, providing transparency and accountability.

The government has directed district basic education officers to ensure that photographs of all teachers, including instructors and para teachers, are displayed within classrooms. These displays will include educational qualifications, date of joining, contact information, assigned class and subject, and any achievements.

According to an official, implementing this measure should not pose a challenge for schools, as even with multiple teachers, the space required for photos is minimal. The initiative is funded by the Samagra Shiksha outlay for the 2024-25 academic session.

Furthermore, the allocated budget includes funds for Teaching Learning Materials in primary and upper primary schools under the Learning Enhancement Programme Remedial Teaching scheme. This initiative not only aims to curb absenteeism but also aims to inform parents about their children’s teachers, empowering them to address concerns over teacher absences.

It is important to note that a previous order on displaying teacher photographs was not fully complied with, leading to the issuance of a fresh directive. With this renewed effort, the government seeks to enforce transparency and accountability in the education system to ensure quality teaching for students.


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