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10 Latest and Upcoming Ullu Web Series To Watch (June 2024)

Ullu is a well-known OTT platform where web series and movies can be watched. Most of the web series on Ullu are targeted towards adult audiences, even though there are other genres like horrors, mysteries, and more.

Below, you can check out the names of the 10 latest and upcoming Ullu web series to stream alone.

10 Upcoming and Latest Ullu Web Series:

1. Dishkiyaoon

A newly married couple’s marriage goes topsy-turvy because of the rituals and traditions that are imposed by the groom’s family. How will they battle through the issue at all? The cast includes Jonita D’cruz and Ishika Bose. Release date, June 11, 2024.

2. Purani Haveli Part: 2

After opening the door of a haunted house, the family goes through problematic issues and eerie experiences. They keep suffering and try to figure out how to get rid of that ghost. Casting includes Anita Jaiswal, Ridhima Tiwari. Release date, June 7, 2024.

3. Kasturi Part: 2

A young couple finds out they are getting haunted by ghosts and an unsatisfied soul. They try to figure out a way to work their way out of their relationship and get rid of the soul. Starring, Khushi Mukherjee, Jonita D Cruz. Release date, June 4, 2024.

4. Purani Haveli Part 1

A locked room in the house gets the wife curious. After learning about the secrets and desires of her husband, she tests the floor directly with which the shot gets out too. Cast includes, Anita Jaiswal, Ridhima Tiwari. Release date, June 7, 2024.

5. Kasturi – Part 1

A young couple tries to step up their relationship after their graduation. However, due to social status and class, their problem is to understand whether to get married or not. Release date, June 4, 2024. The cast includes Khushi Mukherjee.

6. Nau Do Gyarah 9 2 11 – Part 2

Janvi and Raj are in a toxic relationship. They try to work their way out, but things change a lot when Janvi’s ex returns to her life. Release date, May 28, 2024. Starring, Zoya Rathore, Bhavesh Kantaria, Maan Singh Meena, Tripti Berra.

7. Tota Part 2

Sonu goes to visit his aunt in the village. However, through the parrot, he gets to know secrets and unknown things about his aunt, and they start getting closer that way. Release date, May 31, 2024. The cast includes Rajsi Verma, Bharat Bhatia, Gagan Singh, and Hiten Sharma.

8. Nau Do Gyarah 9 2 11 – Part 1

A businessman is stuck in the house by his wife. The wife goes out and cheats on him and tags that as the name of their love to save their relationship. The cast includes Zoya Rathore and Rahul. Release date, May 21, 2024.

9. Estate Manager Part 2

The story of a businessman’s family whose father is full of secrecy and unethical work. They try to figure out a way to work through it without getting caught. Starring Priyanka Chaurasia, Devshree Sharma Ritu, Neha Gupta. Release date, May 17, 2024.

10. Devil

Raj ends up losing his girlfriend because of an accident. Later, he also loses his leg and he gets bound to the wheelchair throughout his whole life, giving rise to his villain arc. Cast includes Sanjay Bhardwaj, Shivanya Sharma Priya Roy. Release date, April 30, 2024.

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