US carries out air strikes in Syria targeting Iranian backed militias

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On 25 February, the US made air strike in Syria for the first time under the Joe Biden administration. The US said that the strike have targeted the facilities of Iran-backed militia groups. The Pentagon reported that Air Strike is the response to a rocket attack in Iraq earlier this month. An American civilian contractor was killed and a member of the US military force was also injured in this rocket attack.

Since Biden assumed the presidency on January 20, it was said that his administration would not show much interest in the ongoing civil war and conflicts in the Middle East. But Biden’s decision to do air strike in Syria is proving it wrong.

“US military forces, under President Biden’s instructions, carried out air strike on the infrastructure used by Iran-backed militia groups in eastern Syria,” John Kirby, spokesman for the US military’s Pentagon spokesman, said in an official statement.

“This military response in a controlled manner has been carried out with diplomatic steps. Discussions have also been held with colleagues of Coalition. A message from the operation goes that President Biden will protect the American and the people of Coalition. “

Kirby said in the statement that the US reacted ‘deliberately’ in such a way that the “ultimate goal is to save the situation in eastern Syria and Iraq from deteriorating”.

US officials said the strike was short and controlled. Seven 500-pound bombs were dropped on a small cluster of buildings. These buildings were present on the Syria-Iraq border.

Military base was attacked

On 15 February, there was a rocket attack on the US military base in Irbil, Iraq. Its responsibility was taken by a Shia organization called Saraya Awliya al-Dam. Little is known about it.

Iran has said that it has no connection with this organization.

By the time of the US election last year, there was a decrease in attacks by Shia militia groups on US bases in Iraq. Iran is now asking the US to return to the 2015 nuclear deal. Trump had pulled America out of this deal.

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