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Vaccination should be four to eight weeks after recovery from Corona: Expert

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Corona infected patients can undergo vaccination but after four to eight weeks of being completely healthy. In this context, Aakash Tripathi, Commissioner of Public Health and Family Welfare Department of Madhya Pradesh has issued instructions. On Wednesday, Health Commissioner Tripathi has instructed all the collectors of the state, the founder of all government medical colleges, the Chief Medical and Health Officer, Civil Surgeon cum Chief Hospital Superintendent, that it has been revealed from the whole state that Covid-19’s There is a doubt in the minds of the health workers of the survivors and districts that when it is appropriate to get Covid vaccination after recovery of Covid-19 confirmed patients.

Vaccination is necessary to fight disease

He has stated that it is evidence-based that even patients with a history of Covid-19 infection need Covid vaccination for adequate development of immunity. Currently, the information and safety period of the development of immunity after Corona infection is not proven, symptomatic cessation of Covid-19 confirmed patients, Covid vaccination can be ensured after four to eight weeks of recovery.

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