Valvoline’s Fuels Unit is Purchased by Saudi Aramco for $2.7 Billion

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Saudi Aramco has decided and has a deal recently to purchase fuel units of Valvoline for up to $2.7 Billion. To increase the scope of its worldwide petrochemical & refinery operations, Saudi Aramco would pay $2.65 billion to purchase the petroleum division of Valvoline Inc.

According to an announcement from Valvoline, the Saudi Arabian state oil firm will pay cash to acquire the International Products division, which manufactures chemicals and lubricants for automobiles.

Words Of Director Of Saudi Aramco

Director of downstream processing for the Saudi company Aramco, Mohammed Al Qahtani, said the venture “fits well with Aramco’s expansion goal for lubrication.”

As a means of expanding from exports of crude oil, Aramco is making significant investments in its downstream division. The segment produced $10.2 billion in the first earnings before taxes and interest and produces transportation fuels like diesel and gasoline at terminals in the United States and Asia.

Although it increased from $440 million a year ago, Aramco’s upstream sector, which generated pre-tax revenues of $700 million, still dwarfs it.

Investors and Total Transaction Cost


The Lexington, Kentucky-based Valvoline will spend around $2.25 billion of the total transaction proceeds to pay back investors, pay down debt, and expand in its retailing industry. It will transform into a “pure-play automobile service supplier” with over 20% income growth as a goal.

The company announced in October that it will change by detaching its products and services from Worldwide Products. The company has experienced supply deals with International Products to purchase gasoline from them. For the deal with Aramco, it received advice from Goldman Sachs Group Inc.

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