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Tragic Video Depicts The Final Moments Of Allen Ray McGrew Who Was Celebrating In Uncle Sam Suit Before Firework Kills Him

A tragic video that has gone viral on the internet has deeply moved everyone. The video depicts the final moments of a US dad Allen Ray McGrew celebrating July 4, wearing the dress of Uncle Sam, minutes before dying after placing fireworks on his hat.

In the video, a South Carolina father, Allen Ray McGrew, was dancing with gay abandon.

WATCH Video of Allen Ray McGrew Dancing, Moments Before Firework Kills Him

The man had twice the reason to be happy because it was July 4, and his son had also just gotten engaged.

In the video, Allen can be seen decked in a stars-and-stripes outfit and top hat.

It was a moment just before his head blew up after he placed a firework on his hat during the 4th of July celebrations.

Allen Ray McGrew had organized the block party in the town of Summerville to show and share his happiness with his neighbors.

As per the Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office news release given to a media house:

“Allen Ray McGrew, 41, ignited a large firework device and set it upon his head in the street on Cottonwood Drive in the Crestwood subdivision. The device exploded while on top of his head causing massive head injuries. Mr. McGrew was pronounced dead at the scene at 11:10 p.m. by the coroner.”

In the video that has since gone viral across different social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Reddit, Allen can be seen smoking and dancing.

The video did not show his death, and as per the NYC, McGrew died when he placed a large firework on top of his stars-and-stripes hat and lit it.

Allen’s death was deeply mourned by the community, and a resident wrote on Facebook:

“RIP Allen McGrew, you were my best friend… you taught me a lot… you will be so greatly missed,”

Dorchester County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Chaz Easterlin revealed that at 10:23 p.m. on July 4, 2024, the Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office and the Dorchester County Emergency Medical Service were dispatched after a call to the 100 block of Cottonwood Drive in the Crestwood Subdivision in Summerville, SC.

The EMS personnel and Sheriff’s Deputies found a male lying on the roadway of Cottonwood Drive with major head injuries.

He was declared dead after examination.

Allen Ray McGrew’s son, who had just been engaged, said that the family was traumatized by this tragedy.

Allen’s family also revealed that Allen seldom drank alcohol, but on that day, he was drinking since morning and made an exception for the July 4 holiday as well as the recent engagement of his son.

Allen Ray McGrew’s wife said that her husband was trying to show off despite pleadings from his family not to do so.

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