12 best video games for young girls

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Moving to the younger demographic, when people think of games for young girls, the most they can think of is Barbie. Well, let us introduce you to some of the best games in the business for young girls. Let’s get started.

When it comes to gaming, everyone just assumes girls are not into it. While it is true that the female demographic does not dominate the world of gaming, it is unfair to disregard their interest in the matter completely. As per the results of various surveys, women harbor little to no interest in sports-based games, but they report much higher numbers in games that are either adventure, strategy, or fantasy-based.

1- Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

Lara Croft is an icon. Of course, when anyone thinks of Lara Croft, all they can envision is Angelina Jolie. There is no denying the fact that she gave Lara Croft the popularity boost that it rightfully deserved. This game truly made its mark in the industry because it gave the world exactly what it has been missing: a strong and badass female protagonist.

The awesome female hero-centered game involves the use of strategy, is packed with adventure and action, and is super fun. The game allows users to engage with a well-rounded female hero who harbors a strong set of skills and a fantastic personality. If you think it is a game for girls only, you are mistaken because Lara Croft is ideal for both girls and boys. This one has raised the bar high for other games in the market.

2- The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda, contrary to popular belief, is not about a character named Zelda. Zelda is, in fact, the modern-day equivalent to Frankenstein. She only appears in the game briefly, and her role is somewhat comparable to that of a damsel in distress, which is frankly not very impressive.

The recent Zelda releases, however, such as the Breath of the Wild, introduce more creative options like allowing players to play the role of Zelda herself, making this iconic game all the more exciting and fun.

3- Super Princess Peach

One of the biggest issues with the gaming industry is that they fail to create strong and compelling female characters that young girls can identify with and seek inspiration from. The Mario universe generally focuses on the titular character, Mario, and his brother Luigi. There are very few playable female characters in the game.

However, it is important to highlight Princess Peach from the rest of the crowd because her character harbored multiple abilities and was super fun to play with. Princess Peach has to be one of the oldest female video game characters in history, and Super Mario continues to be a global favorite for both boys and girls. Surely, they must be doing something right after all.

4- Portal

Portal is easily one of the best video games of all time. Fantasy, adventure, and action games form the general bulk of popular video games. Portal represents a genre that most people tend to shy away from: strategy. Strategy-centered games like Portal make the show all the more gripping and engaging.

The game is based on a test subject named Chell, who has been recently awoken, and she is guided by an Al via puzzles and tasks. The game involves a fair use of intellect and skill, which makes it all the more stimulating. Moreover, Portal’s minimal outlook and simple concept are reminiscent of the early days of gaming. If you are not one for action-packed games, Portal is a great option to try out.

5- Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate is very popular amongst girls, contrary to what most people may perceive it to be. It is one of the first Assassin’s Creed games to actually have the option to play with a female character. The game’s premise is set in the 19th century in London, and it allows you to play the role of twin assassins Evie and Jacob Frye.

It features better character development, enhanced graphics, and engaging plots. Assassin’s Creed Syndicate has garnered a solid female fan base as well as user demographic, which signals the need for introducing more diversity in gaming.

6- Street Fighter

Street Fighter is a classic – everyone just loves it. With multiple female player options, Street Fighter proves that women are perfectly capable of busting a nut. Some iconic Street Fighter characters include Chun-Li, the first playable female character in a fighting game, and Cammy.

7- Resident Evil

The Resident Evil franchise is hugely popular for multiple reasons. The game has many female characters to choose from and play with and genuinely appreciate. Resident Evil is well known for its engaging plots, complex tasks, and excellent graphics.

The franchise has made its characters relatable and badass – exactly what any young girl needs to identify with. From Claire Redfield to Ada Wong, the Resident Evil characters are just so compelling and remarkable. The game aims to represent women as human beings rather than objects that must be subjected to submission; what’s not to love about that?

8- Final Fantasy

The Final Fantasy franchise is an excellent game for young girls, primarily owing to its exceptional female lead characters. Final Fantasy ditches the narrative that women must have a singular trait to base their entire personality on. Moreover, it ditches age-old stereotypes like those of portraying string women as ones with masculine tendencies.

Characters like Yuna from Final Fantasy allow players to portray kind, feminine, and compassionate female leads without giving up any other attributes like strength, resilience, and toughness. If you wish to play a game like that, then Final Fantasy is the one for you.

9- Mirror’s Edge

Mirror’s Edge is the game for you if you are into dystopian alternate realities, minimalism, and adventure. Mirror’s Edge is a top-rated game for many reasons. However, one of the most prominent reasons is the game’s endearing protagonist, Faith Connors. In Mirror’s Edge, you get a chance to play the role of Faith Connors in a dystopian future.

This action-packed game involves a lot of parkour in a futuristic city and adventure. Despite being heavy on action, Mirror’s Edge is far from violent or based on combat. It is simple and minimal. Enjoy it for what it is.

10- Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

If you love epic fantasies and adventure, then Harvest Moon: Light of Hope has your name written all over it. This game is a creative one. There are no timed tasks or high-pressure action-packed sequences involved – just a simple and pure game. This relaxed and laid-back game allows you to enjoy games fully for what they are – an escape from reality.

11- Battleships

If you love ships and strategy games, then Battleships is the perfect game for you. Available on Unlimited Gamez Mo, Battleships gives the classic game of tactics and chance, a fun and modern twist. The game allows you to play with various play styles and a realistic computer opponent.

The game’s aesthetic is calming and fun. Moreover, its effective use of strategy and action makes it incredibly gripping and entertaining. Ideal for relaxing after a long day, if you are one for simple yet stimulating games, give Battleships a try.

12- The Sims

Name one person who does not love the Sims. This simulation game is all about creating your own world, from your characters to your homes to everything in between. The Sims offers children of all ages, the opportunity to get creative and put their thoughts into design.

Simple yet impactful, the Sims gives creating an alternate reality a whole new meaning. Fun, constructive, and creative, the Sims is one game that never disappoints.

Parting thoughts

Gaming should be for everyone, girls, and boys both. It is unfortunate that girls have been unable to enjoy them as freely. The good thing, however, is that times are changing, and we have more options to play with now. If you are into gaming, keep exploring and searching for new and improved games that inspire you, engage you, and entertain you.

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