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VIDEO: IIT BHU Female Student Molestation Sparks Outrage Among Students, Here’s All You Need To Know

A brutal incident from late Wednesday night surfaced on social media where a female student was forcibly disrobed and molested on the IIT BHU campus. Hundreds of students are in protest at the director’s office in demand of better security on campus. IIT BHU never ceases to be in the limelight for various controversies that keep on going on campus. It is famous all over India, not only for its academic performance and excellence but also for various student politics, protests, assaults, and now molestations as well.

Indian Institute of Technology Banaras or Varanasi (IIT BHU) is a public technical university situated inside the Banaras Hindu University Campus, in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India. It was founded as the Banaras Engineering College in 1919 and became the Banaras Hindu University, Institute of Technology in 1968.

IIT BHU has currently 3 inter-disciplinary schools, 16 departments, and 1 Humanities & Social Sciences Section. Every year hundreds of students get enrolled in various courses offered by the Institution. Its contribution to the education sector of India is unmatched and unparalleled. IIT BHU was ranked 15th position among engineering colleges by the NIRF 2023. Its rank was 31 in overall.

IIT BHU Female Student Molestation Scandal Breaks Out

Recently a brutal and heart-throbbing incident was witnessed on the campus of IIT-BHU in Varanasi on Thursday morning. A student of the institution complained that she was molested by three unknown men on the campus. The three men came on a motorcycle and ambushed her. She claimed that the men kissed her forcibly, without her consent, and meanwhile recorded her after stripping off her clothes in a video. This cruel incident occurred late Wednesday night.

The female student stated the following in her police complaint she left her hostel on November 2, around 1.30 a.m. for a walk and met a male friend. They were walking together and a bunch of three men came in a motorcycle and approached them from behind. They parked their bike and separated the girl from her male friend.

The men shut her mouth tightly, dragged her to a corner, and kissed her forcefully. Then they took off her clothes and recorded videos and photos. When the girl shouted for help, she received death-threatening remarks. After 10-15 minutes, they let her go. She ran towards her hostel and hid at the residence of a professor. The professor took her to the security officials.

When the news about the incident escalated, hundreds of students garnered at the director’s office of the Institution in protest. They demanded to provide better security on the campus. The IIT BHU students’s Parliament announced that they are launching a protest institute-wide. They also boycotted all sorts of academic activities and sat at DG Corner and the Director’s Office from November 2, 10 a.m.

This case is not the first time that such type of heinous crime has occurred on the campus for relaxed security of the institution. Students of IIT BHU have been repeatedly raising concerns and issues about enhancing the security on campus. However, until now no concrete and adequate actions have been taken by the administration.

The student body demands, “night barricading to restrict the entry of outsider vehicles inside the campus with a single point entry/exit, centralized CCTV system, and legal action on violent offenders”.

Political Reactions

As the incident caught fire and escalated, various prominent politicians showed concern about the safety of the students and demanded justice for the victim.

The Congress party went to X, formerly Twitter, demanding justice.

IIT Bhu Social media Reaction
Indian National Congress tweets about IIT BHU Female Student Molestation.

U.P. Congress In-charge and Opposition leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra showed her serious concerns about the incident and sought answers about the security conditions in the top institutions’ campuses like IIT BHU.

Priyanka Gandhi about IIT BHU
Opposition leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra targets PM Modi in the IIT BHU Female Student Molestation case.

She went to X, formerly Twitter, and wrote, “A student of IIT, BHU was sexually assaulted in Varanasi. Inside the university campus, a female student was subjected to heart-wrenching violence. The shameless attackers also made a video of the incident. IIT students are protesting. Are even the campuses of top institutions not safe now? Is it no longer possible for a female student in the Prime Minister’s constituency to walk fearlessly inside her institution?”

Impact of Scandal on IIT BHU Students and Campus Life

In recent years, IIT BHU students have been the victims of molestation, forceful behavior, inadequate safety, abuse, and many more. Thus, from time to time such protests are witnessed which hinder their academics as well.

According to the protesters, these incidents have become common on the IIT BHU campus. However, the administration stepped back from taking adequate measures to safeguard the security of students. In return, the IIT BHU campus students feel unsafe and insecure on the campus of IIT BHU, which is one of the most reputed institutions in India.

In the wake of this incident, students are feeling demoralized about joining the institution and their safety within the institution’s territory. The reputation of IIT BHU has been exacerbated over the years. It can be said if the administration does not safeguard the students’ safety by taking concrete and strict actions now, then the situation will worsen for IIT BHU.

Netizens React To the IIT BHU Molestation Scandal

As the news goes viral all over social media, netizens are furious and post their comment on social media like X. It is normal for people to act furious as the matter is related to a woman’s safety inside the institution campus. However, various people are also comparing this incident with the 1992 Ajmer case.


Prashant Kumar, the UP Special Director General of Police, Law and Order said, “The investigation is on. No arrest has been made so far. The police force has been deployed at the institute’s campus for maintaining law and order.”

However, in response to students’ protests, the administration of IIT-BHU also issued a notice that all barricades in the institution would be shut down from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. The Security guard deployed at the post will also allow those vehicles that bear IIT(BHU) ID cards or BHU stickers.

The CP also said that they have made three teams to nab the accused. Senior officials have also been deployed for the maintenance of law and order. Moreover, they are going through every CCTV footage minutely to identify the miscreants involved.

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